The New iPhone 12 Pro – My First Impression & Camera Review

As a full-time content creator, I’m always on the hunt for the best camera out there. When I started blogging I took the majority of my images with a DSLR by Canon or Nikon. However, ever since Instagram content became so essential when collaborating with brands I’ve tried to find a more compact way of content creation so that real-life moments can be captured. Happy to say I have found that perfect everyday camera companion in my iPhone.

The many reasons why I love the new iPhone 12 Pro so much:

• The Super Retina XDR display

• The Pro camera system

• The all-new durable design

• 5G aka faster downloads

AND MORE! As an avid iPhone user (I’ve probably had them), I’m super happy to test the latest iPhone 12 Pro. I must say I was already very satisfied with the results my iPhone 11 brought in terms of content creation. Still, being able to test the new iPhone and especially the camera for image and video content production is just super fun! Bottom line: the new iPhone 12 Pro camera can easily compare to a DSLR camera in many ways.

The images in this post have all been taken with my new iPhone. As a fashion and lifestyle blogger, my key focus is of course fashion, street style, and interior photography. This is why these photos have been taken with the ‘normal’ camera mode. However, note the sharpness of these images. Whether it’s a full-body shot or a detail shot, the new iPhone 12 Pro camera does it all so perfectly.  I’m yet to try the portrait, wide-angle and night mode of the new Apple iPhone 12 Pro – but I’ve already seen some amazing results online. So I’m really excited to see what I can create with it!

Stay tuned for more images taken with my new iPhone 12 Pro. 🙂

More fashion/streetstyle shots 

Interior Shot

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