How This Full-Time Blogger Makes 5000 Dollars A Month Blogging

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Hi friends! Want to know how to make 5000 dollars a month blogging? Then keep on reading!

We are starting the new year here at Minnie Knows with a new format, the blogger/creator interviews.

Today I am interviewing Lidiya of Let’s Reach Success on my blog, a full-time blogger who makes 5000 dollars a month blogging.

I have already shared my own first tips on how to start a blog that makes money. However, these interviews are designed to help you acquire even more knowledge on how to make money blogging and turn blogging into a full-time job. They are from other real-life success stories for all bloggers, newbie or pro.

Lidiya is here to share a little bit more about her blog and the steps she took to turn her personal and business growth related blog Let’s Reach Success into a 5-figure business. Lidiya teaches bloggers how to change their life by achieving financial freedom through blogging. I came across Lidiya’s blog a while ago and got in touch with her because I was super impressed by how she successfully built a blog that earns her full-time income. Her story definitely shows what is possible when it comes to blogging and that there is still plenty of room for everyone!

Let’s get started!

Hi Lidiya. It’s lovely to have you on the blog. Could you give a little background on yourself and your blog?

Hey, I’m Lidiya, the creator of Let’s Reach Success, a full-time blogger and lifestyle designer.

I began making money online through freelancing (more than 5 years ago) and together with the first money I made from my blog, I was able to use that income to leave my home country (Bulgaria) and relocate to where I wanted to be (the Netherlands).

My online income changed my life as it allowed me to become location independent, travel when I feel like, do what I love, and grow my business. Eventually, I stopped freelancing and replaced that with my blogging income, while turning my hobby into a real business.


When did you start blogging? What inspired you to start your blog?

I started my blog back in 2013 when I knew nothing about blogging. I just knew I loved personal development and had a desire to write and create something online, so I launched my WordPress blog (it wasn’t even self-hosted for the first year or two).


What did you do before you became a blogger?

I was in university and living in my home country where life is pretty cheap. The summer gigs I had were simply to fill my time and make some money. So I began making a few hundred dollars per month as a freelancer which was enough to cover my main expenses.

Back then, I still had no direction in life but I knew I wasn’t satisfied with my lifestyle. I was dedicating a lot of time to personal development and learning from extraordinary people online and wanted out of ordinary life. My income online was a way to change my reality.


What struggles did you come across when it came to promoting other brands?

There are many and that’s why earning from sponsored posts isn’t the most popular blog monetization method. However, it’s worked for me as that’s where most of my income comes from.

The first challenge is finding brands to work with.

The next one involves communication and negotiating with brands reaching out to me. While it’s great that they can directly email me and ask for a collaboration, it might take many emails until we realize we aren’t the right fit. That’s why I have a media kit and a page for sponsors on my site with all the necessary elements a sponsor might need (blog metrics, rates, and packages I offer, etc.)

This is the first thing I show them. If they agree with my rates and conditions, we can keep the conversation going. If not, I wish them the best of luck with finding other bloggers to work with.


How long did it take to make blogging your full-time job?

In my case, it took longer than necessary – a few years. I wasted too much time doubting my ability to become a real blogger and was okay with the income from freelancing. However, once I started creating eBooks and selling them, earning a bit from ads and also partnering with brands, I was motivated to increase that income and learn more about making money blogging.

Most of the things I did were time-wasting, but it all led to strategic knowledge in the blogging niche which I later used to start making 5 figures from the blog.


How do you make money blogging?

My current income includes:

  • earning from sponsored posts
  • ads (I work with Mediavine)
  • affiliate marketing
  • selling digital products.

I share detailed monthly income reports with all the numbers.


What digital products have you created?

I’ve sold personal development eBooks in the past but that’s not something I’m trying to sell anymore. Instead, I’m solely invested in creating online courses to help people make money online and use that income to change their life (like I did).

My signature course Financial Freedom Through Blogging shows exactly what I did to earn 5,000 dollars a month blogging and get 100,000 monthly page views. It’s for new and intermediate bloggers who want to monetize their first blog or take their existing one to the next level.

I’m constantly updating the course and including new things I learn in my blogging business. For example, I switched to ConvertKit and started increasing my email subscribers. Then I added many new sections to the course to show people how to do the same.

Another example is Pinterest. I spent a lot of time in the last year learning the ins and outs of the platform, took a course by expert bloggers, reached 500K  monthly Pinterest page views and brought thousands of visitors to my blog from there each month.

I will now summarize my knowledge and all I did and publish a new lesson in Financial Freedom Through Blogging that teaches people exactly how to bring traffic from Pinterest quickly and monetize it.

Other courses I offer paid and free include:

Next Level Productivity 

Launch Your Profitable Blog Today

How To Make Your First Money Online Freelancing 

The Passive Income Boss


Is affiliate marketing a big part of your income?

Not as big as I want it to be but I’m getting there. I spend more time optimizing existing content, creating new digital products and promoting them and growing my email list. So I don’t create that much affiliate content.

I also only promote products I’ve used or can highly recommend. That includes my hosting provider and other tools I use to run my blogging business as well as courses I’ve taken from top bloggers.

I earn a few thousand dollars from these (and that income pays back for the money I’ve invested in these courses and tools, which is pretty nice).


Now that you’re a full-time blogger, what does a “typical” day look like for you?

Working from home might not be for everyone but I truly love it. I wake up whenever I want to and do some work in the first hours of the day.

In the last few months, no 2 weeks have been the same. It all depends on what’s currently going on in my life, what I’m working on, how my blog income is, my motivation and energy levels, etc.

My current lifestyle is 100% flexible but I realize that’s because I live alone. I have no kids, don’t need to take care of a relative, etc.

In the future, that will change. That’s why I’m now working on creating passive income streams which will allow me to be financially independent in the next stages of my life.


What is your number one piece of advice for new bloggers who want to make blogging their full-time job?

Don’t do too many things at once.

Many bloggers would be obsessed with the idea of passive income and be eager to create and sell their own products. But that’s not necessary as you can be an affiliate of already existing awesome products and still make money.

You first need blog traffic, another income stream such as ad revenue or earning from sponsored content and to know how to sell things online. So don’t try to master all the blog monetization methods in your first year.

Start by earning $1000 regularly and slowly grow from there.


What is the future for LetsReachSucces?

I’m now diving deep into the archives of the blog (there are over 2000 articles). I’m deleting old content that’s not quality as well as optimizing the rest.

I recently re-organized my blog categories to make sure the site targets people who want to start a side hustle and be financially free so they can live their best life.

I’ll invest more time in email marketing – creating more freebies and email sequences. I’d like to get readers familiar with my story, inspire them to start a blog or another side hustle, talk about my blogging course and help them find more valuable content on my blog.

I will also create a personal development course – a big one. That means I’ll have 2 products to sell on both of the 2 big topics the site covers – Personal Development and Financial Independence.

Thanks for the interview, Lidiya!

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