7 Blogging Mistakes To Avoid As A New Blogger

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Are you considering starting a Blog? Then read today’s article first: 7 fatal blogging mistakes to avoid as a new blogger.

Unlike other bloggers who started their blog with the goal of building a money-making side hustle, I didn’t read any information beforehand on what to do and what not do in order to create a successful blog.

After all my blog was simply my creative outlet, just a hobby I enjoyed.

However, thinking back now I wish I should’ve done just that.

You might have read my quick guide on how to start a money-making blog and now you want to go all-in and start your blog.

Good for you!

But first read through the following so you can set your blog off to be successful!

This way you will avoid these common blogging mistakes almost every newbie blogger makes in the first months of blogging!

1. Not Treating Your Blog Like A Business

I can’t stress this enough! Again when I started back in 2010 blogs didn’t make any money, at least mine didn’t.

Today however there are all kinds of blogs focusing on different topics and earning their owner 6 figures or more.

Why? Because blogging is a business, my friend.

Having a blog and creating content is like any job.

At times it’s even like having multiples jobs because you’re a writer, manager, photographer, editor, and the list goes on.

Not realizing this and therefore not treating your blog like a business is a huge blogging mistake to avoid, that sadly many new bloggers still make.

So if you decide that blogging is for you, treat it like any other job you had in the past but invest even more.


  • Work harder.
  • Be strategic.
  • Set yourself short-term and long-term goals.
  • Invest in good quality tools online and offline.

And as your website grows don’t forget to change things accordingly. Your strategies, your content, your writing style.

Make sure you keep up with the constantly changing online market by adjusting your work accordingly so you can reach the maximum number of your ideal readers/clients.

Starting with a clear goal in mind and treating your blog like a business from day 1 will help you to stay focused and organized. All the time. 

2. Not Having A Niche aka Knowing Who You Are Writing For

Niche what? A niche is the topic of your blog or rather the topic your ideal reader is interested in.

Your website should focus on one (or two) main topics.

Having a niche is just as crucial as treating your blog like a business.


  • Because if you want to make money in the future it is wise to be aware of the fact that some niches are more profitable than others.
  • Further, in order for your articles to be read by anyone, people must be looking for that specific topic solving their specific problem.

So do your research!

It’s very important to know who your audience is! What’s your ideal reader like? What problem does he/she have that you can solve? Can this problem-solver be a sellable digital product in the future?

What happens if you don’t have a niche?

Your blog easily becomes mediocre. Instead of reaching your target audience it ends up speaking to no one.

TIP: Instead of writing for the masses, write as if you’re speaking to one person, your ideal reader. 

  • What dreams and goals does he/she have?
  • How can you help realize those goals?
  • Use your blog article to write those helpful tips down so when your reader visits he/she leaves knowing what to do next!

If you do that you will have found your niche and all your articles will be more personal, more meaningful and in the end more engaging.

3. Using A Free Blogging Platform (please just don’t)

The third point on my list of blogging mistakes to avoid as a newbie blogger is using a free blogging platform.

Step 2 in my simple guide to start a blog that makes money was therefore dedicated to finding the right hosting service.

If you want to monetize your blog being self-hosted is the key.


When you’re self-hosted you:

  • Own all your content (after all you will work very hard creating it).
  • You are not subject to any third party’s random changes in guidelines or policies.
  • NO ONE can delete your content but you!

Free platforms like Blogger or Blogspot (where I initially started) are only advisable if you are just doing this blogging thing as a hobby and are NOT planning on making any money.

If you are not intending to turn your blog into a business a free platform is more than enough.

BUT for all those of you who want to use their blog as the perfect side-hustle to earn extra cash or become an entrepreneur and having their own profitable online business:

YOU NEED TO SELF HOST! There is literally no way around it if you want to make money blogging.

AND don’t panic it’s really not that difficult. I’m self-hosted with Siteground and it’s a web hosting platform I can really recommend.

I have been using it ever since I started blogging professionally.

Siteground is very affordable and provides great service too. Another great hosting provider is Bluehost I have many blogger friends that are self-hosted with Bluehost and have nothing but good words for this company.

If you want to set up a monetizable blog you will have to make sure that you are building it on a solid foundation aka a self-hosted platform.


4. Using Random Pinterest Or Google Photos (that you do not own)

This is a big NO-GO, my friends. Apart from the fact, we’re in 2019 (actually almost 2020 omg) and anyone can create their own beautiful images even with a smartphone,  taking photos you find online is considered copyright infringement. It can definitely get you in trouble.

This, however, doesn’t mean you have to create all the images for your blog posts yourself.

Unless you want to of course and do have time on your hands to ‘waste’.

For those who don’t, there are a number of stock photo providers (free or paid) where you can get stunning free images to use for your blog and all your social media graphics.

Some of my favorites are:

This one, for example, I got off Unsplash. So beautiful right?


The only “downside” to using stock photos is that another blogger might be using the same free stock image provider.

But in my opinion, if you’re just starting out, stock photos are the way to go if you want to consistently use high-quality image content to complement your blog articles.

Because let’s face it, a picture says more than a thousand words. Am I right?

If you don’t share appealing, high-quality photos (i.e Pinterest graphics, Instagram posts) you will hardly draw any attention to any of your content in the first place.

So please don’t make this serious blogging mistake which you can easily avoid with the option I shared above!

5. Neglecting Pinterest as a HUGE source of traffic

Okay, I have to admit I have done this for way too long myself.

Especially because I was focusing much more on Instagram when promoting my content. In the hope that that would bring all the traffic I needed.

It didn’t. At least not as much as I had hoped.

Pinterest, on the other hand, can be a huge source of traffic due to the fact that it’s not a social media platform like any other.

Pinterest is a search engine. Just like Google.

It’s not so much about you, but about your audience. Just like your blog should be.

So in retrospect, I should have jumped on the Pinterest train much sooner.

Now my account looks like this and has started driving quite some traffic to my website.


But because I waited so long to promote my blog content on my Pinterest account, I probably missed out on a huge number of potential readers.

Especially considering the fact I’ve had the account for multiple years BUT didn’t use it.

That’s why this point had to be added to my list of blogging mistakes to avoid.

It can happen to long-time bloggers like myself too.

Don’t make the same blogging mistake as a new blogger. Set up a Pinterest account to complement your blog.

And then start promoting your content. Today!

6. Not Posting Consistently

As a newbie blogger, you will probably not have as much content to share from the get-go.

I get it.

But this is another one of the blogging mistakes you need to avoid.

Keep in mind, that constantly posting doesn’t mean you have to post 5 articles every week.

That’s nearly impossible when you start staring out.

However, posting once or twice a week is much better than posting 3 articles one week and then not posting for weeks at all.

When you post consistently you will keep your readers coming back.

Consistency leads to growth.

It’s as simple as that.

I think posting once a week should be doable for everyone.

And having a blog posting schedule can be really helpful.

Obviously, you will have to maintain that schedule. No matter what.

But I have to be honest to you (and to myself), by admitting that I’ve failed badly in this regard in the past (due to a number of reasons).

But now I am back on track and I am aiming at posting 1-3 times a week.

Any blogger who really wants to build a community on their blog will need to add fresh content regularly.

There has to be a reason for your readers to come back.

7. Not Setting Up An Email Marketing System

Busted! Again, I’m guilty of this huge mistake too!

So you’re not alone.

It took me years to even consider having an email list.

Don’t be like me! Do not wait to start collecting email addresses. 

Sure, it will take time at first. Getting your first 100 subscribers will be a slow process.

But you know what? That’s totally fine!

The important thing is that you just start collecting email addresses now!

For this, you will need a newsletter opt-in which you can easily get using WordPress.org. Or you can sign up with an email marketing system like Convertkit.


After the first readers subscribe, you then need to email them regularly.

This way you will start building the relationship.

You will connect in a deeper way and build a tribe of lifelong online friends.

These relationships will later hopefully lead to sales when you launch your own product.

You will definitely need to invest in this part of your blogging business.

Not only time but also in the right email-marketing tools.

But I can guarantee you that it will be 100% worth it!

When you do finally create your own digital product, having an email list of people who trust you and enjoy your work is going to be the key to monetizing.

Always remember: an email-list has a much higher conversion rate than social media ever will!

Let’s recap our key points of blogging mistakes to avoid! What’s important when you’re starting a new blog:

  • Treat your blog like a business from day 1.
  • Decide on a niche which will require to know your ideal reader.
  • Make sure you self host your blog through a hosting company like Siteground.
  • Use free or paid stock images that you have the right to use.
  • Make sure you post at least once per week.
  • Use Pinterest to drive traffic to your website.
  • Set up your email marketing system ASAP!

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  1. August 5, 2020 / 12:02 pm

    Wow…I have been making all these mistakes from day one and had no idea I was hurting my business.

    Thanks for sharing.I will definitely be working on these

    • minnie
      September 24, 2020 / 11:56 am

      So happy this was helpful! Thanks for the feedback. 🙂

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