8 Must-Have Autumn Wardrobe Staples 2019

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The 8 must-have autumn wardrobe staples 2019 you need this season. Autumn is probably my favorite season of the year because it means I can finally wear my coziest jumpers. Now that it’s right around the corner I need to get my wardrobe sorted in preparation for this year’s autumn season. Each woman is different and has different wardrobe needs. So when checking out my list and putting together your own wardrobe staples, my best advice is to consider your climate, daily lifestyle, and most importantly personal style aesthetic. When determining what you actually NEED to add to your closet think about pieces that will look good on your body type and which are versatile (a big plus for following seasons to come).

Okay, let’s get started! Here’s my list of 10 wardrobe staples I think most women should have in their closets this autumn season.

1. Cashmere Jumper

My number one autumn wardrobe staple has to be a high-quality cashmere jumper. I would highly recommend investing in one or two good cashmere jumpers because they will last you years (if taken good care of). I love the soft feel of the fabric as well as the great quality they usually come in. I’ve had cashmere jumpers from Everlane that still look as good as new. Longevity for the win! Whenever autumn comes around I love to just throw a cashmere jumper on and pair it with some good jeans and an add a coat. But the styling opportunities do not stop there. You can also wear such a jumper under blazers, or on its own.

But even my best cashmere jumpers have started showing some wear after countless seasons. That’s just the nature of the fabric. My secret weapon which has helped to have them look a little bit fresher for longer is my trusted knitwear de-bobbliser. I can’t tell you how much I love this thing!

SHOP AUTUMN CASHMERE JUMPERS: (Use the arrow to scroll to see more styles.)

2. Trench Coat

My love for trench coats has no end! I love them in any color: navy, black, khaki or even bright colors. Why I love them so much? Simply because they work with EVERYTHING. Whether it’s office wear with a pair of tailored trousers and court shoes or casual over a jumper or tank top and featuring trainers, they just always work. I love throwing them over a dress and either dress them up with heeled boots or down adding trainers or loafers. They are a great layering piece to add to your must-have autumn wardrobe staples when the weather is crazy in autumn.  Plus they are also wearable into winter. The ultimate must-have wardrobe staple that integrates perfectly for multiple seasons!

What’s also beautiful about a great quality trench coat is that once you have found THE ONE it will last you forever. I am currently on the hunt for a vintage Burberry trench coat because I believe investing in good quality pieces will save you a lot of money for the long haul. If you’re with me on this one I recommend checking out second hand or vintage shops. Some you will find there will actually cost you just as much as high street options.

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3. Blazer

I haven’t met a good old classic black blazer I didn’t like. 😀 Even more so when it’s oversized and structured. There are a number of great high street options for you to get yourself your personal blazer must-have for autumn to throw over basic t-shirts, cozy jumpers, simple polo necks or beautiful camisoles.  You can never go wrong with a black blazer to team with literally everything. Trust me it will work for a day look as well as after-work night happenings. And while I’m always team black when it comes to major basic wardrobe staples I wouldn’t mind a navy blue, beige or tan colored this year!

SHOP AUTUMN BLAZERS: (Use the arrow to scroll to see more styles.)

4. Denim Denim Denim

Who am I kidding, denim jeans are an all year round staple for me! And I believed every woman needs great fitting jeans in her wardrobe. But they come in especially handy when the temperature drops which is why I had to add them to my list of must-have autumn wardrobe staples 2019. My preferred jeans shape have always been skinny but I’ve been gravitating more and more towards straight leg jeans recently. Feel free to try new shapes and washes (for example a darker wash in autumn) to find out what works best for you. What I love, most about a good pair of jeans is that you can wear them with almost anything even when it comes to shoes — heels, trainers, loafers, boots all of them work!

SHOP AUTUMN DENIM:(Use the arrow to scroll to see more styles.)

5. Black (or navy) tailored trousers

I have to admit, I have only owned one pair of somehow tailored trousers which I have grown out of (lol) but I’m currently on the look for a new pair to add to my autumn wardrobe staples. As autumn can also get cool I am looking for wool tailored trousers which are not too heavy. Preferably in navy or black. Due to my lifestyle as a creative, I would style them with trainers, a cashmere jumper and a trench coat to make them more casual. However, if you work in a formal office you could also style tailored trousers with a blouse, a blazer and pair them with court shoes.

SHOP AUTUMN TAILORED TROUSERS: (Use the arrow to scroll to see more styles.)

6. Ankle Boots

Autumn is the start of boot season which is why they had to be on the list of my autumn wardrobe staples 2019! I’m really into chelsea boots (in black or brown) for their clean simple look. They are definitely my go-to shoe choice in autumn worn with jeans, a midi/maxi skirt, slip dress or even tailored trousers. But I have recently also enjoyed wearing heeled ankle boots. Although I’d always recommend going for black as a safe color choice if you want to mix it up a little bit while still keeping it rather classic, go for a neutral shade like beige or even tan. These will add a nice pop off simple color to any outfit!

Again make sure to consider your climate when purchasing autumn boots. If you live in a place with rather messy and indecisive weather or with a rainy autumn season I would highly recommend going for leather rather than suede. I live in Berlin, our autumn tends to be quite inconsistent. In the morning it might be super clear but then end up raining in the afternoon or vice versa. That’s why I typically opt for leather chelsea boots to get me through the day. Plus they’re super comfy and will last you forever if you invest in a good pair!

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7. Flats

For those first days of autumn where the sun still likes to make an appearance flats are the way to go when transitioning from summer into autumn. Flats will also be your best option when you’re tired of wearing sandals but when it’s still too summery to wear boots. Whether it’s sneakers or loafers, when it comes to my autumn wardrobe staples in 2019, terms versatility is key here. Choose a neutral color to play it safe or add a bit of print. Animal print is a big trend right now which I can happily recommend if you want to mix it up.

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8. Camel scarf

Soft and cozy scarves in camel (or any other neutral) are my favorite to keep me warm during cold autumn days. I have had my eye on the Acne scarf FOREVER! I know it’s great quality but still but to be very honest, I’m not willing to spend all this money on JUST a scarf. That is why I have looked for similar styles in the past season. I have always found a pretty good dupe. I’ve linked some of my must-have options this autumn season below. You’re welcome!

SHOP AUTUMN SCARVES: (Use the arrow to scroll to see more styles.)

I really hope my 8 must-have autumn wardrobe staples in 2019 have given you some inspiration for the coming season! As a full-time content creator/entrepreneur, I usually like to keep track of trends just to be in the know. Over the years I have learned that having wardrobe staples for each season helps me to be much more productive. I can very easily style my daily looks with a number of good quality pieces.

They have benefited me much more than jumping on every trend that is hot at the moment. So when I do venture out for meetings or content creation I waste less time on styling my outfits. All pieces are actually wearable and work very well styled together.

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