Sunday post: Never give up on something you really want!

Sunday thoughts. Whether it’s a job, a new apartment, a trip you been planing to do for a while or the encounter with a human being so dear to you, whatever it is the #quoteoftheday you can find on my Instagram today (@minnieknows) kind of puts everything into perspective. At least for me. I have been reading Masha’s Sonntags Posts for a while now and have been feeling so inspired. The Sunday posts are always the best I must say. I know, all of us love fashion, and reading about designers and new pieces someone has in their wardrobe so we all can unite in buying the one particular piece of clothing. I’m not judging anyone – else I would be judging myself. But for me personally and what I want Minnie Knows to be revolving about, I say enough with the superficiality! It’s time to introduce the weekly Sunday post or should I say thought? 

Since I’ve been super stressed about my upcoming trip to New York where I’m planning to stay for two months, I started reading and rea-reading my babe’s Alice impressions of her 6 months stay in the City when she interned at Alexander Wang. What?! Amazing right? Long story short. I still haven’t found a room to rent and although I’m impressed with Alice for organising her accommodation once she got there, I’m too much of a control freak and scaredy cat to hope for the best once I’m there! Thanks to Alice who also was so kind to email me some advice on where to stay and what’s a good and safe neighbourhood, I’m also living on craigslist these days. Literally. 

So when I read todays quote I instantly associated the message with my current situation! I know I know, it’s only an internship and it’s only for 2 months. But still, it’s a country I’ve never been to, a place so far away from home and all my loved ones and just so so big! Although I’m from London I still feel like New York will be on another level! Nonetheless, I’m so very excited to finally be there and hope I can sort our everything prior to my departure in a few weeks! 

Whatever happens in the next few weeks, I won’t give up on this dream of being in New York, living and working because I really really want this! Although it’s difficult to wait, to plan and make sure everything goes right (even though you can’t control everything right), it sure is more difficult to regret! 

So whatever you want, whatever you really really want, don’t give up! Travel, experience, take risks, adventure, have fun and above all LIVE! 

Happy Sunday


Minnie Seibt 

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