Afternoon chill at Youghurt

You-ghurt. On my last day in Berlin I found myself spending a relaxed afternoon with my babe Maria. We were invited to Youghurt, literally last minute but had so much fun! I met up with Maria after some little shopping at Gina Tricot (can’t wait to show you what I’ve bought) and we caught up over very yummy and most importantly very healthy food and of course, coffee! Well, at least for me, Maria chose a fresh fruity smoothie. In terms of food, we both went for salads as it was lunch time and we didn’t want to stuff our faces haha Nevertheless, the salads were massive – when they say large at Youghurt, they actually mean it! WIN

The huge salad bowls were brought to us after a little waiting time, which wasn’t too bad since Maria and I had a lot to talk about and who likes to talk with a full mouth right?

I had a tuna salad which was so super delicious I can’t even tell you. You just have to visit this place when you happen to be in Berlin. Maria went for a salad with a lot of corn and fresh tomatoes and eggs.

Even though the place is called Youghurt, don’t be mistaken the menu covers a wide range of yumminess. Apart from frozen yogurt, they offer ciabbattas, soups,waffles (which I was also very tempted to order ), cakes, muesli and other special offers. Apart from hot drinks there is also a range of cold sweetness such as the mentioned smoothie, tea and lemonade. 

10 out of 10 I say! 

Photos by me and Maria

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