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 GO TO BERLIN! You guys it finally happened, I managed to upload my little Insta bits from the Berlin trip a week ago. As you all should know by now I am an Instagram ADDICT – so if you guys are on Instagram as well feel free to follow me (@minnieknows) because I update my feed quite regularly (at least there, yes,…)!

Enjoy the photos! 

1. Being from Berlin, I don’t really need a guide for my walk arounds but pretty much loved the book guide up there.

2. A pretty building, like so many around the neighborhood Mitte, which is my favorite area to meet up with friends or have coffee breaks with my family.

3. Berlin really incredibly pretty during the fall season! I probably took hundred photos – had to be done! 

4. A little fall outfit, which included layiering. Of course!

5. Above the sky on my way to Berlin. Should’ve been the first photo I reckon now. Oh well, cookies anyone?

6. Meeting attire is quite the challenge when’s it s freaking freezing outside…. Did I do well?

7. & 8. Art by 44 Flavours on the walls of the Hotel ‘The Weinmeister’ in Mitte!

9.  One of those Charles Eames inspired chairs I must buy my apartment in Berlin! I don’t care how uncomfy it is! 

10. Did anyone say more layers? YES, it got colder and colder in Berlin which meant more layers…

11. A glass of sparkling wine before a concert never hurt nobody! Am I right?

12. Saw Passenger play live with my Mum! Such a great gig and amazing night 🙂

13., 14. & 15.  Last but not least a sneaky peek into my very own Premier Suite at the design Hotel Lux Eleven, where I resided for a few days for work. More about that later though.

Happy Weekend lovelies!


Minnie x


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