ZARA. If you happen to be on the hunt for this seasons perfect coat, as myself, I’d say put on some clothes and run to your nearest Zara – they have them all! Or if your a lazy bun (as myself), what is online shopping for? If my wallet was big enough I’d get all the ones below…. but let’s be honest. It’s not. Dammit! Anyway, one I must definitely get my hands on. Not telling which one yet – when I buy it you’ll see it! Until then, check them out and get yourself your favorite cozy coat to keep you warm this Winter.

BLACK: Everyone needs a classic black , full length coat or standard length jacket like coat. You can pair a black coat with basically every outfit, since they are quite low profile and timeless. Like a LBD only for over your outfits, get it? No? Never mind, Zara does have a great range this year (not that they don’t have a variety every year duh).

                                   1.MASCULINE DOUBLE BREASTED COAT              

                                    2.DOUBLE BREASTED WOOL COAT                

                      3.WOOLLEN WRAPAROUND COAT

EARTH TONES: If you do own a timeless black coat already but still aren’t the bold color kind of type, these two stunners might be the right thing for you! They can still be combined with a range of outfits in terms of color scheme and patterns but aren’t too dull. The checked fabric in the first one is right up my alley and so ‘in’. I also adore the color combo of the second one. It’s a usual camel coat but adds a little twist with the black collar -who doesn’t like that huh?!

                                        4.CHECKED COAT                           5. COAT WITH KNITTED LAPEL                                         

RED: If you do prefer a little bit of color in your life, we all know Winter can get quite depressing, these red beauties are a must. Red is such a great color to rock especially when one tries not to hibernate (not so easy is it?)! The bold red comes in a range of other colors as well, in case you simply like the cut of it.

                                                                     6. COAT WITH LARGE LAPEL                       
                                                          7. OVERSIZE DOUBLE BREASTED COAT

WHITES: Okay I decided to give you a little hint. I’m getting one from the above… Which one do yu reckon? I must admit I am in love with all these three. They very must meet the pink, checked pattern trend that’s going on right now. But I more importantly love the masculine cuts. And since I already own an amazing black coat (also Zara of course), I think it’s about time I give one of these babies a chance. I only worry now is, spilling coffee or tea on it – time to grow up Minnie!

                                                                         8.CHECKED COAT
                                                           9. MASCULINE STUDIO OVERCOAT  
                                                                 10. DOUBLE-BREASTED COAT


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