SPENT the usual Sunday in Brick Lane – only thing is, it wasn’t that usual. My iPhone got stolen!!! 🙁 I still can’t believe it. The day started great. Met Keno and we headed to Kahaila  for a red velvet cake (which we sadly couldn’t have, it was simply too packed), then went down to the food hall to eat some delicious food! Everything was great until I realized my phone was gone. I was devastated and still am. I mean, you can probably understand how important my phone is, especially as a blogger (Instagram HELLO)  However, there is nothing I can really do about losing it, and especially all my photos on it. I did call all necessary companies to get a replacement phone, since it FORTUNATELY is insured. So, all I can do now is wait!

Anyway, some happier news! Tonight I will  be attending the Lavazza Masterclass in the context of our New Tradition campaign I told you about. I couldn’t be more excited! Learning how to use my new gorgeous coffee machine properly, making delicious Coffees, Espressos, Lattes and more, will most definitely cheer me up.

Have a great start to the week lovelies!

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