Lavazza Masterclass. In the context of the New Tradition, Lavazza invited us to as night full of coffee! The Masterclass, was indeed a masterclass as we learned so much; how Lavazza first started in 1895, how coffee was discovered, how it is grown, processed, roasted a and so much more. Could I possibly say no to an invite like that? Most certainly not. 

The Masterclass included obligatory coffee treats by Tony our lecturer for the evening (like the above – more like art really) and we learned how to make the above ourselves. Failed. Tried it again. Failed yet again, but still had way too much fun to be upset haha I finally got around using the steamer and am able to foam milk for my espresso now! How amazing is that? 

For any coffee lovers like myself out there I highly recommend looking into the whole history of coffee, as you will even more so appreciate your coffee experience, knowing the journey it has made to get to you. And really as Tony said: ‘The best coffee is the one you make just how like it’! 

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