Rentez-Vous for London Fashionbloggers

Rentez-Vous x LDNBlogggers invited me for a fun event a few days ago. I have been dying to tell you guys about it because it is such an amazing concept. Just imagine: changing your style everyday because you actually have too much clothes BUT know what to wear! Plus, not really spend money, I mean what girl wouldn’t want that?

WEll, that’s the basic idea behind Rentez-Vous and they teamed up with my favorite girls from LDNBloggers to have a few selected ones take part in the first event taking place in London! I had the best time checking out clothing from so many different people, I mean almost all of them were bloggers too, so you can imagine what a diversity of clothing  I was offered. Apart from renting gorgeous clothes from other fashion loving people, I was able to rent mine out as well – it was so exciting to see who went for what and who loved my pieces as much as I did but would actually wear them and save them from being stuffed in my closet. Browsing through the clothes I fell in love with the above combo of coat and pants by the talented designer Evalina Romano – AMAZING is all I can say. The clothes fitted as if she sew them for me 😀 And therefore a streetstyle photoshoot was of course, inevitable!



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