Thursday, 24 September 2015

NYFW Favorite: Tommy Hilfiger SS16

Even though I do follow what's going on during crazy Fashion Month, I hardly ever post any catwalk looks here on Minnie Knows. But Tommy Hilfiger SS16 was so amazing I just had to share it with you. It was by far one of my favorite collections, along with Tibi and 3.1 Philip Lim.

Wednesday, 16 September 2015

Hat Season

Autumn is here you guys! What better way to celebrate the new season (which is on of my faves after summer), than gearing up with some new fedora hats. I love autumn because it's the time of the year when I can wear layers and most importantly fedora hats.

Tuesday, 15 September 2015

How To Get Blog Traffic Through Instagram

The more followers I get on Instagram (we're now on 22K @minnieknows) the more emails and direct messages I receive on how I gained a lot of followers. Check my latest Tips on it here. But Recently I've been also getting emails on how to use other social media channels effectively and drive traffic from it. So here are three tips that seem to be working for me when it comes to yes, Instagram:

1. Use an appealing teaser in high resolution quality
The teaser image of a blogpost you want to promote is the very first image your followers will see on Instagram so make sure its a great one! Always use hi-res images taken with DSLR (at least that's what works best for). I recommend to always use hi-res on announcing a new blogpost coming online. Otherwise Instagram is a tool for showing your followers your personal style and a glimpse of your daily life. So keep it raw while proving top quality photographs. They will stimulate your followers curiosity and drive them to your blog.

2. Provide your blog URL in your bio
Since it's still not possible to include URLs in a caption, make sure to put your Blog's URL down in your bio. This way you can always change it to the latest article so your readers will be redirected straight to the current article on your blog. It's the only place on Instagram where an active hyperlink can put.Apart from only putting the URL in you bio it's equally important to make followers aware of the fact that it's actually there. So let them know in you photos caption. This way you'll use the link in the most effective ay possible.

3. Write catchy headlines
By catchy I mean witty, fun, personal and interesting. Your readers should want to get know the story behind a teaser image. Again stimulate their curiosity! Tell them a little bit about your story and show them where to find the rest of it, namely on your blog. This combined with a beautiful photo will work wonders.

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I hope this will help you drive more traffic to you blog! Try it out an let me know if you see any changes. I'd be curious to hear how that works for you. Do you have other tips on how to get more blog traffic through Instagram? Let me know and happy Tuesday!

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Saturday, 12 September 2015

They Changed The World. Not The Shirt.

Since we both got to style the Diamond G Shirt for GANTs campaign 'They Changed The World. Not The Shirt' we thought it would be fun to shoot some photos together. You've already since our interpretations of the perfect white shirt for her here and for him here.

Wednesday, 9 September 2015

The Perfect Shirt For Him

Finally a new menswear outfit on the blog! This one is part of our collaboration with GANT. We are happy to share Chris' way of styling up the perfect white shirt in line with GANTs campaign 'They changed the world. Not the shirt.' 

How To Gain More Followers On Instagram

I've just hit 20,000 Followers on Instagram (@minnieknows) and couldn't be more thankful for the love and support you guys! I've also been receiving emails regarding this topic. Readers have been asking me how to gain more followers on Instagram and actually keep them. So here are my five tips for gaining more followers on Instagram:

1. Be a nice person 
Instagram like any other social media tool is about connecting with others. Your followers are important so be nice and see them as the humans they are, not just numbers. You will only be in contact with them online so make sure you leave a great impression. Be a nice person and engage in comments meaning respond to questions and be thankful for compliments. If people notice you're actually a nice person they'll be more eager to keep following you and seeing what you're up to.

2. Quality over quantity
Only post when you're really satisfied with your photos. It's always better to upload once a day instead of 3 times, as long as you are providing original and authentic content. Make sure your photos work well with the overall feed and your Instagram story. Always edit to make your photos more appealing. That being said, lets quickly talk about editing!

3. Edit and crop your photos
Make sure to edit your photos and cropping them for Instagram before uploading them. Editing doesn't mean overdoing it with lots of filters. Depending on the style of your feed keep your photos either really light or rather shaded. Clean feeds are super popular on Instagram. So if what you're doing is not working, why not thinking about cleaning up your feed. Make photos brighter, intensify saturation and always sharpen before uploading. You'll quickly see great results and will be more satisfied with your feed. Old and new followers will be too and will keep coming back for more.

4. Use popular Hashtags
When uploading your photos make sure to add popular hashtags. When posting an outfit or look you can add the hashtag #fashion or #ootd. Always make sure that your post gets seen quick because the popular hashtags are used by millions of people. Also try to be specific. When uploading a fashion related photo to your feed you could use the hashtag #fashion_de for Germany or if you're a blogger use #fashionblogger_de. This will make it easier to reach users in your area or area closest to it. Furthermore you will reach those interested in what your Instagram story is about.

5. Comment and like other users content
Comment, comment, comment AND like! As much as you want people to follow you, comment and like your content, you need to support others as well. Look for other fashion or beauty enthusiast that you might like. Make sure to engage and comment on their photos. By this you will not only get noticed by them too, but by everyone else seeing that specific profile. Also it's super nice to be supportive. At the end of the day those are the people supporting you too. Sharing is indeed caring!

So far that's what I've been doing to gain my followers and keep them because I really want to share my love for fashion. Do you have any other tips? Stay tuned for more 'How to' articles on the blog! Have a amazing day! Minnie x

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Tuesday, 8 September 2015

The Perfect Shirt For Her

A crisp white shirt is THE wardrobe staple whatever season. It's like the LBD but wearable on even more ocassions. I must admit I own more than just one of them but none of my white shirts fits me like the GANT Diamond G Shirt.

Thursday, 3 September 2015

House Of Small Wonder

The beauties of Berlin! I can't believe I've never been to this uber chic cafe in the heart of Berlin Mitte. I met up with Caro the other day for a coffee and some brainstorm session. But let me tell you it was way too hot (34 degrees like what?) All we got to do in this heat was shooting this super cute look for you guys with my new tfnc London blouse.
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