Sunday, 6 April 2014


If you know me, you know I am the most addicted person to Instagram hehe and you will probably also notice that I do eat a lot! I do love good food and great coffee/tea, I must confess *cough* *cough* As I post more regularly on Instagram during the week, do follow me @minnieknows HERE to be kept up to date and have the first sneaky peek of what's to follow on the blog!
By the way, how quick did the weekend pass? I spent most of it in bed due to an annoying cold, but I can't wait for the week to start, since I officially have no classes in University anymore! Time to celebrate :)

Happy Sunday, lovers!


  1. great insta-summary! love the pictures!
    ig @gracenjio

  2. Great Insta snaps, the food looks delish :) Can't wait to meet up again x


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