Sunday, 27 April 2014

The perfect Weekend Getaway Outfit #GIRISSIMA

GIRISSIMA. I've joined the Stylight Blogger Competition in collaboration with the amazing guys of Girissima to show you my ultimate Weekend Getaway Look! You guys know how much I love my High Heels no? But when it comes to travelling, I rather like to be comfy and not have to worry too much about what I am wearing to be honest. Hehe You will always see me travelling in either trainers + shirt +boyfriend jeans combo or something similar super comfy. But for the perfect Weekend Getaway with Girissima I have decided to spice my look up. Well, first of all, all black is not only always a good choice but a safe one too. To dress it up for your perfect Getaway look, add some statement jewellery some more elegant flats aka my all time favorite shoe type: Brogues. Since you don't want to look like you're going to a funeral *cough* *cough*, add a little color by a fun choice of bag, as I did with the pink Hermes style baby! Sunnies to hide away the eye bags due to an early flight hehe and voila! You can now board the plane in style and make a statement when you arrive at you desired destination. For me, this will hopefully be Lisbon! 
Fingers crossed!!!

Happy Sunday!


Thursday, 24 April 2014

My SS14 Must Haves by Fashionchick!

 Fashionchick. As a girl, I am just the average shoe and heels addict as everyone else out there! I recently purchased some super comfy New Balance trainers but since Spring and Summer are fast approaching I am thinking, it's time for some new summer shoes! Being a huge fan of shoe creations by Fashionchick, I thought I would show you a few of my must have this Spring/Summer season.
I love love love, the mixture of colour and pattern in the first pair of heels (above) they are just the perfect pop of brightness and quirkiness for summer but can easily be dressed down as well.  Do I even have to say anything about the bohemian sandals? Every girls needs a pair. They look so super comfy yet are not boring, but will definitely spice up every outfit. The perfection combination of style and comfort I say! The same style but with a heel? Ermm HECK YES :D If you should get bored by walking in flats all day or simply want to transition into an evening look, the heeled version is the one for you! I can see myself wearing those with a cute midi dress maybe pair it with a leather jacket for the evening an you're good to go.
I surely love them all and can't decide which to get first, maybe all? *cough* *cough*
Get your pair HERE lovelies and happy Thursday!

Monday, 14 April 2014

Secrets to French Style: La Redoute

When it comes to Fashion and style, none do it better than the French women! French women have captivated the fashion scene for decades. Names like Birkin, Bardot, Deneuve and Huppert are only a few fashion icons worth mentioning here. And let us not forget about the Queen of French style Coco Chanel, who redesigned the modern woman! Indeed, when she said:
 'Fashion fades, only style remains the same', she surely was not mistaken. 

This month, I have teamed up with La Redoute to show you my style tips and how I enforce the French style. It's is my absolute favorite of them all, hence the plans of living in Paris in the future! French women always seem to look effortlessly chic while remaining timeless. So, here is my take on the French style. But instead of just giving you 1 style tip, I thought I would show you 4 tips to achieve the French style. I hope you can feel inspired to channel your inner Parisian ego by my 4 key looks. 

Do you want to look as chic as the French women? Then make sure to further check out La Redoute's beautiful page Secrets to French Style! You can not only get more ideas on how to achieve this look but immediately shop the style too on there. It surely does take a little planning to recreate the chic and elegant French style. 

Look 1: The Breton Stripes

No one can look or feel more French, than when wearing Breton stripes. They are the epitome of the French style and were made popular by the Queen herself, Coco Chanel! The Breton stripe shirt is the perfect low-key piece but can most definitely be dressed up too. I mixed mine with a bold pink flared skirt and patent lather heels for a date night (or day) look! Pair it with a denim and flats and your good to go for a casual yet chic look.

Look 2: The white shirt

A crisp white shirt is indeed  a classic! It's a staple piece in every girl's wardrobe and if you don't have one yet, NOW is the time to purchase one! A white shirt is so versatile, it can be paired with literally everything and will complement any outfit no matter the occasion. I styled my white shirt with a ripped denim to create that 'rock chic' style while following the French style rules! Add a pop of color if you feel like it by choosing the right accessories and you're good to go!

Look 3: The trench & Fedora

Do I even have to tell you about owning a trench? It's a MUST! French women wear them over dresses, knitwear and denim combos, at day and at night. Hats and trenches are a match made in heaven. It's just that masculine touch given by adding a hat, which French women are also famous for. I am such a fan of a well fitted beige trench coat, that look as if you've had them tailored! Trench coats simply make you look and feel so French and chic as soon as you put them on. They dress up every outfit even if you are having a more laid-back, casual day! Plus they are the perfect transition jacket when Spring arrives. With a Trench you will instantly look sophisticated, and as a matter of fact, as if you have made the effort while being effortless - get what I mean? 

Look 4: Ballerina Pumps

Ballerina pumps are timeless and come in the most diverse styles! If you want to change from wearing heels all the time and give your feet a break, ballerina pumps are the most chic solution. Louboutin, Saint-Laurent and Charlotte Olympia show how it's done. Wear your ballerina pumps with some knitwear and a hat for the perfect very French laid-back look. Oh, and don't forget about a classic coat for those chilly days.

I hope you liked these 4 key looks of the ever so chic French style - and are inspired yet ready to channel your inner Parisian! Which of the above is your favourite outfit? 

Au plaisir!


Happy 3rd Anniversary Zalando!

Zalando UK is celebrating their 3 year anniversary this month and has yet again invited me to join their Zalando Third Anniversary Blogger Competition! How quick does time run? I have joined a few selected bloggers to celebrate this journey with the amazing guys whom I have had the pleasure to work with a number of times! First thought that entered my had, was to shoot another celebratory story. But then I thought, what better way to celebrate their journey that showing you mine? So as you can see mini ME up there, has finally made it to the blog! The photo was taken when I was 3, of course! Wearing a pretty stripey dress and fittingly holding a yellow balloon! *hint*

So much has changed since then! I moved from my home country Uganda, to Germany and spent my childhood and teen years in Berlin! I wouldn't have it any other way because Berlin is the most amazing city to grow up and live in and my paths with Zalando (Germany)  crossed much earlier since the brand is based in Berlin too. I then moved to London after finishing school, for a change of scenery and a new adventure! I am pleased to have been one of the first UK bloggers, Zalando UK approached once they landed in England. 

Since then I have shot a few editorials for Zalando for example the New Girls story HERE or the shoot for their second anniversary HERE. My most recent collaboration includes a feature of Zalando's Blogger of the month which you can read about on their Facebook page. What a journey indeed! 

To celebrate this amazing day I have selected 3 outfits that best represent my style today and the diversity of it! I obviously have changed a lot. To be honest, I would have never thought I'd be so into fashion a few years ago. I mean, I always loved dressing up but I never looked at fashion that seriously. But during my moves from Berlin and London and constantly travelling because of the blog, my style has definitely been manifested and I am very conscious of what I wear. May it be girly chic, masculine attire or casual day wear, I love to mix not only patterns and colors but change my style from day to day! 

Happy Monday :)


Tuesday, 8 April 2014

Weekly Musings: Veronika Heilbrunner

Veronika Heilbrunner. I don't even know how to describe this gorgeous lady! You have probably seen her on all Fashion Week streetsyle blogs and magazine sections, may it be in London, Milan, Paris or New York. This woman just always looks spot on. You may know her as former senior editor at and current editor of Harper's Bazaar Germany or (more likely) as the better half of Justin O'Shea! I love how diverse her outfit choices are and how effortless she mixes pretty pieces with cool and casual accessories. She simply always looks stunning and therefore had to be made this week's muse!

Monday, 7 April 2014

Welcome to the Club #NewBalance

New Balance. I can't believe I had almost forgotten to show you my most recent purchase and probably the best one I've done so far in '14! At last, I have joined the coolest club there is at the moment :D Thumbs up to the most comfortable pair of shoes I have ever owned in my whole life! I'm wearing them for the first time tomorrow for a fun lunch date - I can't wait to show you how I've styled them. 

Hope you had a fab Monday! 

Minnie xox 

Shop the look!

Sunday, 6 April 2014


If you know me, you know I am the most addicted person to Instagram hehe and you will probably also notice that I do eat a lot! I do love good food and great coffee/tea, I must confess *cough* *cough* As I post more regularly on Instagram during the week, do follow me @minnieknows HERE to be kept up to date and have the first sneaky peek of what's to follow on the blog!
By the way, how quick did the weekend pass? I spent most of it in bed due to an annoying cold, but I can't wait for the week to start, since I officially have no classes in University anymore! Time to celebrate :)

Happy Sunday, lovers!
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