Wednesday, 27 November 2013

Quiz Winter Wardrobe

QUIZ Clothing. I'm slightly getting obsessed with coats! Whatever color or cut, I just can get enough of them, including the above from Quiz Clothing! Love the faux fur collar - how else to survive this freezing weather London has been treating us with lately I ask?! Add some fab accessories like a quilted bag and some sexy heels and you are good to go! Note, open shoes will not keep you warm but at least sexy. Smartness knows no weather they say...

P.S Is it just me or does Wednesday mean it's almost weekend?  Well 2 days to go aka lazy days in bed not too far away now! 

Minnie x

Monday, 25 November 2013


CHARLIE MAY. All of the whites.. or lights? Wait. What? Never mind. I feel I'm slowly getting back into it, the whole bloggersphere rhythm is slowly coming back guys. Check out the new arrivals at my girls shop. Winter whites just in time for freezing weather in London. No more words needed. GO TO THE SHOP duh! 

Minnie x
photos via Charlie May

Sunday, 24 November 2013


ZARA. If you happen to be on the hunt for this seasons perfect coat, as myself, I'd say put on some clothes and run to your nearest Zara - they have them all! Or if your a lazy bun (as myself), what is online shopping for? If my wallet was big enough I'd get all the ones below.... but let's be honest. It's not. Dammit! Anyway, one I must definitely get my hands on. Not telling which one yet - when I buy it you'll see it! Until then, check them out and get yourself your favorite cozy coat to keep you warm this Winter.

BLACK: Everyone needs a classic black , full length coat or standard length jacket like coat. You can pair a black coat with basically every outfit, since they are quite low profile and timeless. Like a LBD only for over your outfits, get it? No? Never mind, Zara does have a great range this year (not that they don't have a variety every year duh).
                                   1.MASCULINE DOUBLE BREASTED COAT              
                                    2.DOUBLE BREASTED WOOL COAT                
                      3.WOOLLEN WRAPAROUND COAT

EARTH TONES: If you do own a timeless black coat already but still aren't the bold color kind of type, these two stunners might be the right thing for you! They can still be combined with a range of outfits in terms of color scheme and patterns but aren't too dull. The checked fabric in the first one is right up my alley and so 'in'. I also adore the color combo of the second one. It's a usual camel coat but adds a little twist with the black collar -who doesn't like that huh?!
                                        4.CHECKED COAT                           5. COAT WITH KNITTED LAPEL                                         
RED: If you do prefer a little bit of color in your life, we all know Winter can get quite depressing, these red beauties are a must. Red is such a great color to rock especially when one tries not to hibernate (not so easy is it?)! The bold red comes in a range of other colors as well, in case you simply like the cut of it.
                                                                     6. COAT WITH LARGE LAPEL                       
                                                          7. OVERSIZE DOUBLE BREASTED COAT

WHITES: Okay I decided to give you a little hint. I'm getting one from the above... Which one do yu reckon? I must admit I am in love with all these three. They very must meet the pink, checked pattern trend that's going on right now. But I more importantly love the masculine cuts. And since I already own an amazing black coat (also Zara of course), I think it's about time I give one of these babies a chance. I only worry now is, spilling coffee or tea on it - time to grow up Minnie!
                                                                         8.CHECKED COAT
                                                           9. MASCULINE STUDIO OVERCOAT  
                                                                 10. DOUBLE-BREASTED COAT

Saturday, 23 November 2013

When in doubt....

 GO TO BERLIN! You guys it finally happened, I managed to upload my little Insta bits from the Berlin trip a week ago. As you all should know by now I am an Instagram ADDICT - so if you guys are on Instagram as well feel free to follow me (@minnieknows) because I update my feed quite regularly (at least there, yes,...)!
Enjoy the photos! 

1. Being from Berlin, I don't really need a guide for my walk arounds but pretty much loved the book guide up there.
2. A pretty building, like so many around the neighborhood Mitte, which is my favorite area to meet up with friends or have coffee breaks with my family.

3. Berlin really incredibly pretty during the fall season! I probably took hundred photos - had to be done! 

4. A little fall outfit, which included layiering. Of course!

5. Above the sky on my way to Berlin. Should've been the first photo I reckon now. Oh well, cookies anyone?

6. Meeting attire is quite the challenge when's it s freaking freezing outside.... Did I do well?

7. & 8. Art by 44 Flavours on the walls of the Hotel 'The Weinmeister' in Mitte!

9.  One of those Charles Eames inspired chairs I must buy my apartment in Berlin! I don't care how uncomfy it is! 

10. Did anyone say more layers? YES, it got colder and colder in Berlin which meant more layers...

11. A glass of sparkling wine before a concert never hurt nobody! Am I right?

12. Saw Passenger play live with my Mum! Such a great gig and amazing night :)

13., 14. & 15.  Last but not least a sneaky peek into my very own Premier Suite at the design Hotel Lux Eleven, where I resided for a few days for work. More about that later though.

Happy Weekend lovelies!

Minnie x

Tuesday, 19 November 2013

Tuesday night Outings

Hello, My name is Minnie and I am bad blogger.

Okay guys I did it. Finally outet myself as a bad blogger. Please forgive me yet again for the lack of posts! I came back from Berlin where I had the best time (yes it's already a week ago), and still haven't found the time to even post the photos of my short visit, which included some special and pleasant work actually. Long story short: loads of Uni work to be done, GQ x H&M event tomorrow and then apart from more Uni work, Stylight is in town and invited me and some other lovely UK bloggers to party.

Saturday, 2 November 2013

B E R L I N Calling

I was just taking a break from writing up tons of coursework when I realized how soon I actually will be back to Berlin, in 5 days to be precise! WIN :D Even if it's only a short visit and I actually have some work to do, being able to spend a few days with my family and friends is always such a blessing. Since I am constantly so crazy busy here in London, taking a break from all things is always such a treat. And what better place to relax and chill out than Berlin?


Zara Coat  & Jumper/ H&M Pants & Sunnies/ Topshop Bag/ Primark Heels

I know I know I still haven't been blogging regularly lately but Uni is just really eating me up - LITERALLY! I am still trying my best to attend all these fun but sometimes stressful events so here are a few shots from last weeks Press Day madness. It started off with SnowPR, then I had to run to BrightLight PR press day at the Gallery Soho. In the evening I met up with lovely Emiliy from Mondayshilblog and we headed to a private sale evening of Charlie May! If you haven't heard of her, what are you doing with your life? Really?! :D I am so in love with all her pieces, but as much as I wanted to buy an awesome biker jacket (that Emily had been eyeing for a while and actually got = JEALOUS) , I had to restrain myself since I am currently saving up. I mean New York will come sooner than later (not that I'm complaining) :D
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