Tuesday, 15 October 2013

Interior Inspiration

Deco... I know I have been pretty quite in terms of updating the blog but life is just so crazy busy. I hereby assure you, I am still aive and healthy ;) Back to the usual Uni life duh and finally stopped procrastinating and started writing on my dissertation which is due in less than 4 months - someone please help ME!! I apologize for my lack of content but make sure to follow me on Instagram (@minnieknows) for all peaks on what I'm up to when I'm not studying..... which is hardly ever haha And I promise to make up for it very soon, since my friend and awesome photographer Morgane moved here (to rainy London) from the sunny french ends of Biarritz (yes poor girl)! I am thrilled she's here though WIN

Long story short, I am also thinking of buying a flat with my sister sooner than later hence deco and interior inspiration are in need. I love the above I found of some blog (not sure where to be honest oops) but I adore the very clean and minimalistic color scheme and how simple it's actually decorated. Love the earth tones - the whole Woody Allen 60's movie kinda vibe reminds me so much of the the film, wait for it INTERIORS! You didn't expect that did you? 

Have a lovely week!

Minnie x

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  1. This sounds great! I've always wanted a place of my own and making it all vintagy :D


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