Saturday, 29 June 2013


Gina Tricot Jeans Jacket/ Zara Top/ Primark Pants, Sunnies & Bag/ Fossil Watch

Here is the full outfit post! Unplanned to be honest, hence the casual-ing (as Kristina would say). I was running around Berlin very casual again. I finally had time to relax and meet up with the amazing Dogi for coffee, who also shot these lovely photos! Unfortunately it has been raining here all day, every day (including today YES). I can't wait for some sunshine to appear again, so I can shoot some more summerly outfits. Especially since Berlin Fashion Week kicks off next Tuesday. I am glad to at least make 1 day of it, as my flight leaves on Wednesday :D Stay tuned to see what I'll be wearing! :)

Happy Weekend!

Friday, 28 June 2013


Dogi and I shot some photos after our coffee date a few days ago and here is a sneak peek! I just got back from an amazing day with the family and have to quickly change for another appointment. But before I head out in about ermm NOW, I leave you with this little sneak peek. Outfit photos will be up tomorrow! 

Happy Friday xox

Tuesday, 25 June 2013

Hyde Park Afternoons

Hyde Park Afternoons. My dearest Diana, streetsyle phtotgrapher and editor of Trendbridged based in London, shot these lovely photos a while back. I finally got to share them with you guys and hope you like them! We chose the peaceful Hyde Park as it is quite the neutral location and did  well not to distract from my attempt of an almost 'all black everything' outftit.The background still gave it abit of color and made a grand contrast overall.

Berlin {OOTD} #1

BERLIN. I am back home with my lovely family and friends and I couldn't be more happier. I arrived last Thursday and it was boiling hot, yes Summer at last! Today it's raining though, but I don't mind that either - it's finally cooling down and I have some more relaxed plans on the agenda. Yesterday I had the pleasure to shoot with the talented Dogi who is a Berlin based photographer/blogger. The photos came out gorgeous didn't they? It was one of the best shoots I've had so far and literally the quickest (30 mins). We chose the iconic location in Tiergarten with the Siegessäule in the background! Honestly, I am so inlove with these photos - I was so excited to share them with you. We hope you like them just as much. 
What are your thought on my outfit? 

Monday, 24 June 2013

INSTA BITS - @minnieknows

    1. En route to Berlin, still in London  2. Arrived in the craziest heat        3. New Office babies :)

     4. Shotting some {OOTD}             5. Light dinner by Mum                6. Tea Tea Tea

     7. Shooting with my babe Dogi     8. New stuff soon up on the blog :)  9. Major chilling at home

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Thursday, 20 June 2013

London Collections: Men Day 2

Pretaportobello Coat&Hat/ Sugarandstyle Pants&Clutch/ Primark Sunnies&Heels/ New Look Necklace
LCM. A really fun few days of London Collections: Men ended with HOM x Jonathan Saunders at Victoria House, for me. I couldn't attend as many shows as I initially had planned because of work. The ones I got to see were great though, including Velsvoir x October House, Oliver Spencer, Kaushal Niraula and a few more. I also enjoyed the numerous side events, such as the Duchamp Drinks Reception and the John Lewis event, which LCM actually kicked off with. I have lots of more photos to share but before that, here is my outfit for the second day. this is the only {OOTD} shoot me and Keno actually managed to shoot as we were both so crzay busy, rushing from show to presentation, to drinks and after show parties. I had a blast and can't wait for LCM's next season. 

Saturday, 15 June 2013

London Collections: Men

London Collections: Men is finally kicking off tonight with the John Lewis event! I won't make it to the event but will try to at least pop in at the Duchamp Drinks Reception. I will definitely keep you posted on the shows from tomorrow onward. It's my first time to attend as again, around this time during my semester holidays, I'm normally in Berlin or the South of France. 

The British Fashion Council launched London Collections: Men in June 2012. It's the first bi-annual dedicated showcase for menswear designers in Britain. So exciting! As much as I love womenswear shows, there is nothing more delightful than a sharp dressed men on the catwalk! It's the third season of LCM and SS14 is meant to be the biggest yet. 

Stay tuned for my updates!

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Thursday, 13 June 2013


Lavazza Masterclass. In the context of the New Tradition, Lavazza invited us to as night full of coffee! The Masterclass, was indeed a masterclass as we learned so much; how Lavazza first started in 1895, how coffee was discovered, how it is grown, processed, roasted a and so much more. Could I possibly say no to an invite like that? Most certainly not. 

Monday, 10 June 2013

Casualties of Life

Zara Coat/ UO Jumper/ H&M Blouse/ Primark Jeans and Loafers/River Island Hat
Casualties of Life. You don't find me wearing flats on the blog often! I just can't help it - I am obsessed with heels, okay but what girl isn't?! But since I don't really get to wear them in my everyday life (seriously, I don't want to die, running all around town every day haha) I even more so use the opportunity to mix them with my outfits for the blog. Long story short, I opted for loafers this time a) they are my favorite pair with the studs all over them b) they are oh so comfy and c) suited my mood after losing my iPhone *buhh*


SPENT the usual Sunday in Brick Lane - only thing is, it wasn't that usual. My iPhone got stolen!!! :( I still can't believe it. The day started great. Met Keno and we headed to Kahaila  for a red velvet cake (which we sadly couldn't have, it was simply too packed), then went down to the food hall to eat some delicious food! Everything was great until I realized my phone was gone. I was devastated and still am. I mean, you can probably understand how important my phone is, especially as a blogger (Instagram HELLO)  However, there is nothing I can really do about losing it, and especially all my photos on it. I did call all necessary companies to get a replacement phone, since it FORTUNATELY is insured. So, all I can do now is wait!

Anyway, some happier news! Tonight I will  be attending the Lavazza Masterclass in the context of our New Tradition campaign I told you about. I couldn't be more excited! Learning how to use my new gorgeous coffee machine properly, making delicious Coffees, Espressos, Lattes and more, will most definitely cheer me up.

Have a great start to the week lovelies!

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Sunday, 9 June 2013


New Tradition. Creating this outfit has been such a delight - I received this cool 47Brand snapback from CanoeInc recently and it was so sporty and cool that I was inspired to create my Lavazza x Wimbledon New Tradition outfit around it! I am wearing Bershka pants (similar here), Zara jumper (similar here), Vintage blazer (similar here), 47Brand snapback (here), Primark heels (similar here) and Marc B bag via Topshop (similar here). What do you think? Like it? 
I am in love! Green and purple (which the blue of my snapback has to substitute for) are the official colors for Wimbledon, the oldest and most prestigious tennis tournament in the world. It's taking place this month and I have teamed up with Lavazza and Wimbledon for an exciting campaign. 


DETAILS. Green, white and....well wait for the outfit post later today! :) I have scheduled this mini post  for you - right now, Keno and I are roaming Brick Lane. It somehow has become our Sunday ritual. Browsing the Market on Brick Lane, buying vintage pieces and having cakes in the food hall. Well, that kind of is my perfect Sunday. My color coordinated outfit above did not happen by chance - more about that later though. I am wearing Bershka pants (similar here), Primark heels (similar here) and Marc B bag via Topshop.

What are you up to today? 


Saturday, 8 June 2013


Lavazza. When I found out that Lavazza has a cafe in Harrods, my first thought was: I HAVE TO GO! It just happen to fit perfectly, for my Lavazza x Wimbledon New Tradition campaign - coincidence? I think not! Located in Sportswear on Harrods Fifth Floor, Keno and I had a splendid time at Lavazza Espression, drinking literally the best Lattes (I am not kidding) in a chilled environment and having some pastries. The perfect afternoon after the obligatory OOTD shoot on King's Road! Photos of my outfit will be up tomorrow - can you detect my 'sportswear'? :)

Have a great weekend lovelies! 

Thursday, 6 June 2013

Mix n Match

Mix n Match. Same jeans (Primark), blouse (H&M) and heels (Primark) - mixed with a MCM clutch, leave out the coat and put on other sunnies (I know you can't see them - black Ray Bans FYI) and voila a new outfit is created! Ha, not really an outfit post to be honest. Keno and I were just super excited to use the new 50mm lens, so we had to snap a few more photos on the same day, hence 'almost' same outfit! It's amazing how 2 little pieces can give an outfit a completely different vibe. This ensemble is much more classic compared to the previous Here! How do you like the new lens? I am so in love, you'll probably hear or rather read about it quite a lot in the next days.

Happy almost weekend lovelies! 

Monday, 3 June 2013

Lavazza x Wimbledon

Lavazza x Wimbledon. First things first, I am excited about being part of the #NewTradition campaign! On Saturday a big smile was brought to my face when I received the above amazing Limited Edition Favola Plus A Modo Mio Wimbledon coffee machine - DREAM right! I sure do love all things coffee and being part of the campaign is actually really delightful! As a fashionblogger I instantly fell in a love with the beautiful colours of my new love! So I decided to first create a little color coordinated collage: I love coffee, I love bags and of course shoes! So here are my favorite pieces at the moment. Yes you've seen the Brian Atwood heels before, because I love them people :D

The little bag collection includes (left to right) 

P.S Feel free to engage in my coming articles! Do you love coffee? Have you had Lavazza before or/and are you a Wimbledon fan? Send me photos to of your favorite coffee moments and I will  create something very fun! Also follow me on instagram (@minnieknows) for some exclusive sneak peeks!



Sunday, 2 June 2013


Zara Coat/ H&M Blouse and Sunnies/Primark Jeans and Heels/Marc B Bag 
GFW DAY 1. Keno and I spent the day exploring the exhibitions at Graduate Fashion Week today and went to one show as well. We actually had many other shows on the agenda, but the day turned out to be so stressful that we couldn't manage the rest! So happy we did manage to snap these OOTD in the heart of Chelsea - and guess what, the sun was all up and shining bright! It was my first time at GFW as I normally am in Berlin around this time of the year. I'm glad I went though! Saw great inspirational styles on and off the runway and got to speak to some really interesting people! Do you notice the new lens we are using? I love it!
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