Sunday, 24 March 2013

ELLE Magazine Feature

ELLE. The day you receive an email from your best friend's Mom saying 'Did you know', well that is the day you find yourself featured on one of the most known Fashion Magazines: ELLE! I don't need to say how thrilled I was seeing this do I? Needless to say that this was also my favourite outfit during London Fashion Week! Check my feature out HERE in great company with Laura Whitmore, my lovely Charlotte from thefashionguitar, Sabrina from afterDRK and one of my favourite Streetstyle photographer Jessie Bush whom you well know from wethepeoplestyle. Thank you Elle for this great photo!

A great Sunday to all you lovely people and thank you for stopping by at MinnieKnows!


Friday, 22 March 2013

ZARA WOMAN: Lookbook April

ZARA. I know I'm definitely not the only one who is addicted to Zara and their clothes. So stylish, almost designer degree (can you say that? xD) and so accessible for the public, because it's very affordable. I'm a sucker for ZARAs clean cuts and the prints - especially on coats! Therefore, no wonder I am very much in love with this Lookbook and the current collection. So many pieces I am thinking of getting, including way too many bags and the lovely pointed slippers from one of my last articles here. My favourite piece from the April Lookbook must be the oriental-print shirt in the very first image. So lovely isn't it? Very feminine with the print but still loose and quite cool in a way. Definitely right up my alley :D What's your favourite piece of and why? 

Have an amazing day and great weekend!

Tuesday, 19 March 2013

Casual Outfit for Stylight x Marc Jacobs

H&M Blazer (similar here) / H&M Pants/(similar here) Zara Tee (similar here)/ Bershka Shoes/ Fossil Watch (here)/ Stylight Necklace

CASUAL. Just a quick hello from my bed while I am still revising for my Spanish Oral Exam in 2 hours! I think I'm well prepared - at least I hope! :D I styled this casual outfit for my board on Stylight. We were asked to style an Outfit to match THIS stunning Marc by Marc Jacobs Cross-Body bag. I actually did a Day&Night outfit. If you're on Stylight, check mine out and vote for me by 'hearting' my board HERE! What do you think of my casual outfit? No heels for a change! 


Sunday, 17 March 2013


Acne Leather Jacket (similar here)/ Celine Tee (similar here) Zara Bag here & Mini Skirt here  / Zara Slippers here

FAVOURITES! Just had a nap after a long morning/afternoon and when I woke up and browsed the Zara website I came across the amazing slippers on the above collage! So totally hooked on them, they are smoking hot and I actually just ordered them :D Can't wait for Spring to finally sneak its way here so I can wear them when they arrive! I put together a little board with what to match the slippers with. Gotta love Acne's wicked leather jacket. I am wondering, can you have a favourite brand you never ever even bought something from? Is that weird? I don't know! Fact is, I'd love to purchase the jacket tooo, but I'm still saving up for the Russell&Bromley Oxford's from my last post. So, the jacket has to wait. *buhh* In the meantime though, I'll be having fun with my Zara slippers. They will be the Oxfords best friend, I'm sure! Enough with the shopping and thinking of shopping now!!! I have to go back to studying if I want to pass my Spanish Oral Exam on Tuesday this week..... PORQUE? 

Tener una gran noche! :)


Coat Zara (similar here) / Tee Zara/ Dress H&M (similar here)/ Heels Primark (similar here and here)  Sunnies H&M
OOTD (N). It has been raining non stop the past few days and even though it really sucks,I did my best to snap these shots today before leaving for a business lunch in the city! I also put them up on Stylight for the Marc Jacobs competition. Vote for me HERE by 'hearting' my board ! :)
I hope the weather will get better or at least stop raining so I can take more photos. Until then, have a great day lovelies. And lots of sun, if you're lucky! 
OOTD (N). Es regnet seit Tagen schon ununterbrochen und ich bin es echt leid. Irgendwie habe ich es trotzdem geschafft diese Fotos zu machen, bevor ich zu einem Geschäftsessen gefahren bin. Ich habe dieses und noch ein weiteres Outfit außerdem auf Stylight hochgeladen, für die Marc Jacobs Competition. HIER könnt ihr für mich wählen, indem ihr mein Board 'hearted'! :) Ich hoffe das Wetter wird bald besser, oder es hört wenigstens auf zu regnen. Bis dahin, einen wunderschönen Tag euch allen und ganz viel Sonner, wenni hr Glück habt!

photos by Isabella Seibt


Saturday, 16 March 2013

A few Favourites

TODAY. I had a super busy day, which is not over yet! I'm off to dinner with some friends and actually need to get dressed. But before I go I wanted to show you these photos I took a couple of days ago, of some of my favourite jewellery at the moment (and actually always haha)!
Have a great weekend lovelies!

Heute. Ich hatte einen super busy Tag heute und um ehrlich zu sein, er ist noch nicht vorbei! Ich bin gelich mit einigen Feunden zum essen verabredet und mich noch umziehen. Bevor ich gehe wollte ich euch noch diese Fotos meiner aktuellen Lieblingsteile in meiner Schmuckkollektion zeigen! 
Habt ein tolles Wochenende!

1. New Look necklace
2. Hauteboutique Spike Bangle
3. Fossil Watch
4. Ring brand unknown, present from my best friend (I will ask, promise)!

Thursday, 14 March 2013

Missing Summer!

TBT. Remember this outfit from Summer last year? NO? Well, I don't blame you. It feels like forever ago, since we had warm(er) days in this country. Yesterday was the worst or should I say craziest day so far. The day began with quite some sunshine and I was super happy. But, when I left the University it had already started snowing, then came a little bit of hail - then we went back to blue skies,  but not for long. Snowy rain made its way back and then I just gave up. I took a nap as it seemed the most reasonable thing to do. In fact if  I'm not studying for Exams or working, I sleep a lot these days. I can't even seem to manage taking outfit photos *buhh* When is this going to be over? To all of you living in the warmer parts of the world I can only say: I AM SO JEALOUS!


Tuesday, 12 March 2013


LOVE. There comes a time, when you meet THE ONE and you just know! In my case, THE ONE is not a boy, no but these stunning ABACROMBIE lace-up Oxfords spotted at Russell and Bromley online! I couldn't take my eye off of them when I saw them a week ago and that has been the case ever since. Let me tell you I am in love! I am in love with the black multi suede and the lizzard. I adore the quite feminine patent toe-cap! Of course, I had to see what they look like in real, so I went to the store today to try them on, which made not buying them (yet) even worse, knowing they are 165 pounds! They looked even more amazing on my feet though and I just had to buy them - NO I'M JUST KIDDING OF COURSE! I'm having a little war going on inside my head, between the shopping addicted part of me and the more reasonable part. We'll see who wins!  I'll keep you updated, promise! In the meantime, if your reasonable yet love shopping and these babes as much as I do, get them here! Oh, and let me know how life with them feels like :D


Friday, 8 March 2013


 INSTA. I'm sure you all you know by now, that I am addicted to Instagram (@minnieknows)! Its a great tool for me to edit my snaps very quickly and even if I don't make it to blog about where I am and what I'm doing on a certain day, my lovely Instagram followers always know! It's obviously not the same as blogging and definitely does not substitute for it ever, but it's a great addition. If you're like me and actually never really have time because of so many things that need to be done, it's great to keep my readers up to date, on a daily basis not wasting any time. The last week has been especially nerve wrecking. Exams over exam. essays to finish and a lot of material to read - the typical student life! Hope you had a good week. IT'S FINALLY FRIDAY! 
 1. Yummy food at the New Look x Refuel Room
2. Some of my current favourite accessories 
3. In the cab with Marie after a great morning at Grazia House
4. The retro showspace at the Orla Kiely presentation
5. The lovely Orla Kiely girls
6. My final LFW outfit ft. my gifted Matchesfashion shirt
7. White nails thanks to Ofat for the perfect white naill polish
8. In love with these shoes, still don't know where they're from though *buhh*
9. Details of my beaded vintage shirt from the last article (here)

Sunday, 3 March 2013

OOTD: Florals

Vintage Blouse (similar here)/ Primark Trousers,Bag (similar here) &Heels/Fossil Watch (similar here)/ H&M sunnies

Florals. I am really sick of this weather! I want Summer back - NOW! Who is with me? 
I don't want to wear my coat anymore so for shooting this outfit I simply didn't. How do you like my outfit? These are my favourite pants, so into the floral print. Paired it with my Mom's beaded vintage blouse, mine now of course, which went really great with my white nails. If you are on Stylight, check out my board on there with a fitting video and more similar pieces to my ensemble to buy.
Have have a great Sunday everyone!
Blumen. Ich bin dieses Wetter ech leid! I will das der Sommer zurückkehrt - SOFORT! Wer stimmt mir zu? Ich will wirklich keinen Mantel mehr anziehnen müssen. Deshalb hab ich den hier auch gleich weggelassen. Wie gefällt euch meine Outfit?
Ich trage meine Lieblingshose im hübschen Blumenmuster. Ich habe sie mit der Vintage Bluse meiner Mutter kombiniert, die jetzt natürlich mir gehört und ide toll mit meinen weißen Nägeln harmoniert. Falls ihr auf Stylight seid, schuat doch mal bei mir vorbei, habe ein passendes Video zum Outfit hinzugefügt, sowie mehr ähnliche Teile die ihr nachkaufen könnt.
Euch allen einen tollen Sonntag!


Friday, 1 March 2013


Yellow.  I want Summer back! I mean seriously, it is about time for this bad weather to just disappear. Do you think it's possible that we'll have 30 degrees tomorrow? Is there a tiny spark of hope that Summer will suprise us? I sure hope so, but 30 degrees, okay that is not going to happen. I have been super sick after London Fashion Week and actually just got better the past 2 days. Therefore, excuse the lack of outfit posts, as I have been in bed for almost 2 weeks. Unless of course you want to see my very loose sick-in-bed lounge wear! Anyway, tomorrow I'll have a meeting with the lovely Diana from and we'll probably do a little streetstyle photoshoot session -  so stay tuned. I leave you with some outfit inspiration in one of my favourite colour.
Until then, good night and have a great weekend! :)

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