Tuesday, 31 December 2013

Bye 2013, hello 2014!

Whenever we reach NYE the lyrics by Ron Pope's Heartfelt Lies pop up in my mind 'Now years seem to pass as we blink our eyes', and how true that always proves to be. Year for year. I mean, I feel like it was only yesterday that me and my best friend were in Berlin, eating and drinking and enjoying the fireworks. And here we are again, same city, same day endling another year, spent with family and friends. Another year of travelling, blogging, meeting different people, whether in London, Paris or Berlin. I feel so blessed to have come know such wonderful individuals in the Fashion industry. 365 have passed again and all of us are awaiting 2014 with great expectations. Only a few of my personal highights of 2013 were working with KARIOKA Sunshine Couture in Berlin, taking on an editor role at Legatto Lifestyle Magazine, meeting some favourite Bloggers/Photographers such a Dogi, Lois, Morgane, Vani, Ricarda, Toni, Athina and many more. Another very personal and fun highlight actually not too  long ago was spending a week at the Lux Eleven in Berlin for work and some fun of course. I enjoyed and was indeed honored to take part in collaborations with Zalando Germany and UK, Hello Perry, Wimbledon x Lavazza UK. I spent a month in Uganda, my homecountry and had an amzing holiday. I had time to spend a month in Berlin during summer again and always loved returning to London, my home away from home. I was featured in different magazines inter alia Grazia Germany, Glamour. Elle, Refinery29 and Style.de. I attended several Fashion Weeks again and LCM for the first time with all its craziness. And apart from  the hectic, super early mornings and late nights, I must admit it is what I love to do most. I was also pleased to start my work with RewardStyle as a blogger and work with Stylight who launched their UK site this year.

What I look forward to in 2014: The first ever Stylight Fashion Blogger Awards in Berlin, hosted by Raul Richter and the ever so beautiful blogger extraordinaire Chiara Ferragni, whom I can't wait to meet! Nominees also include some of my favourite bloggers Angelica Blick, Nehin Mirsalehi, Dulceida, Kenza Zouiten and many more. I can not wait for this night to be here (I still need to find the perfect dress though *cough* *cough*).

I am also super excited for the Blogger Bazaar in Berlin, which I have been asked to be part of. Along with 4 other very well known German Bloggers, I will be selling some of my beloved pieces to lucky girls out there. So if you happen to be in Berlin next month, keep an eye out on my Blog as I will be sharing more information on it soon.

I will also do my best to blog much more next year! Minnie Knows will be treated to a new layout so be excited for that.I am really looking forward to spend much more time on the blog, since I am submitting my final Uni work in a week and will be free as a bird after that. Well, actually not quite but I will have more time on my hands for creative work as I won't be living in the Uni library anymore :D

And last but not least, I am more than anything else anticipating my two months in New York City next year. I will be interning at a PR agency and attend Fashion Week in New York for the very first time! I CAN NOT WAIT you guys. It's going to be the craziest two months of my life, I am sure. 

So many things to come that's for sure. To a wonderful New Year and thanks to all you lovely readers who appreciate my blog! You guys keep me going! Your comments and hits on my blog and other social media channels make me happy and I always realise it is worth it. I enjoy styling outfits and sharing my love for fashion with you and I hope you will continue to enjoy Minnie Knows even more in 2014. 

See you next year, literally! 

Minnie x

Friday, 6 December 2013

Who's that girl?

H&M Top & Skirt (similar here and here) / Topshop Bag (similar in pink here)/ Primark Heels love these)

No it's not JESS this time, but ME! I turned into my preppy alter ego and created a very girly, incredibly feminine outfit, including the obligatory striped top a la New Girl to celebrate the release of Season 2 with Zalando, of my all time favorite show! I am serious guys, I can probably cite you every episode and I'm not even joking. Apart from starlet Zooey Deschanel being ridiculously funny (let's not be in denial we all love her singing to herself ADMIT IT!), I am also very much love with her sense of style. No one does bold colored and printed dresses quite as Jess does! Combine that with a perfectly cut fringe, glasses now and then and a quirky personality and you have the perfect weirdo (see the pun here.. intended) whom anyone just has to love and wanna hang out with! You will always see Jess in flats, however I opted for heels for a more festive look, also remembering the rather few episodes Jess stepped up her game in Cece's black dress paired with some heels or the time she dated 'the old rich guy' Nick was secretly in love with HA!


Wednesday, 27 November 2013

Quiz Winter Wardrobe

QUIZ Clothing. I'm slightly getting obsessed with coats! Whatever color or cut, I just can get enough of them, including the above from Quiz Clothing! Love the faux fur collar - how else to survive this freezing weather London has been treating us with lately I ask?! Add some fab accessories like a quilted bag and some sexy heels and you are good to go! Note, open shoes will not keep you warm but at least sexy. Smartness knows no weather they say...

P.S Is it just me or does Wednesday mean it's almost weekend?  Well 2 days to go aka lazy days in bed not too far away now! 

Minnie x

Monday, 25 November 2013


CHARLIE MAY. All of the whites.. or lights? Wait. What? Never mind. I feel I'm slowly getting back into it, the whole bloggersphere rhythm is slowly coming back guys. Check out the new arrivals at my girls shop. Winter whites just in time for freezing weather in London. No more words needed. GO TO THE SHOP duh! 

Minnie x
photos via Charlie May

Sunday, 24 November 2013


ZARA. If you happen to be on the hunt for this seasons perfect coat, as myself, I'd say put on some clothes and run to your nearest Zara - they have them all! Or if your a lazy bun (as myself), what is online shopping for? If my wallet was big enough I'd get all the ones below.... but let's be honest. It's not. Dammit! Anyway, one I must definitely get my hands on. Not telling which one yet - when I buy it you'll see it! Until then, check them out and get yourself your favorite cozy coat to keep you warm this Winter.

BLACK: Everyone needs a classic black , full length coat or standard length jacket like coat. You can pair a black coat with basically every outfit, since they are quite low profile and timeless. Like a LBD only for over your outfits, get it? No? Never mind, Zara does have a great range this year (not that they don't have a variety every year duh).
                                   1.MASCULINE DOUBLE BREASTED COAT              
                                    2.DOUBLE BREASTED WOOL COAT                
                      3.WOOLLEN WRAPAROUND COAT

EARTH TONES: If you do own a timeless black coat already but still aren't the bold color kind of type, these two stunners might be the right thing for you! They can still be combined with a range of outfits in terms of color scheme and patterns but aren't too dull. The checked fabric in the first one is right up my alley and so 'in'. I also adore the color combo of the second one. It's a usual camel coat but adds a little twist with the black collar -who doesn't like that huh?!
                                        4.CHECKED COAT                           5. COAT WITH KNITTED LAPEL                                         
RED: If you do prefer a little bit of color in your life, we all know Winter can get quite depressing, these red beauties are a must. Red is such a great color to rock especially when one tries not to hibernate (not so easy is it?)! The bold red comes in a range of other colors as well, in case you simply like the cut of it.
                                                                     6. COAT WITH LARGE LAPEL                       
                                                          7. OVERSIZE DOUBLE BREASTED COAT

WHITES: Okay I decided to give you a little hint. I'm getting one from the above... Which one do yu reckon? I must admit I am in love with all these three. They very must meet the pink, checked pattern trend that's going on right now. But I more importantly love the masculine cuts. And since I already own an amazing black coat (also Zara of course), I think it's about time I give one of these babies a chance. I only worry now is, spilling coffee or tea on it - time to grow up Minnie!
                                                                         8.CHECKED COAT
                                                           9. MASCULINE STUDIO OVERCOAT  
                                                                 10. DOUBLE-BREASTED COAT

Saturday, 23 November 2013

When in doubt....

 GO TO BERLIN! You guys it finally happened, I managed to upload my little Insta bits from the Berlin trip a week ago. As you all should know by now I am an Instagram ADDICT - so if you guys are on Instagram as well feel free to follow me (@minnieknows) because I update my feed quite regularly (at least there, yes,...)!
Enjoy the photos! 

1. Being from Berlin, I don't really need a guide for my walk arounds but pretty much loved the book guide up there.
2. A pretty building, like so many around the neighborhood Mitte, which is my favorite area to meet up with friends or have coffee breaks with my family.

3. Berlin really incredibly pretty during the fall season! I probably took hundred photos - had to be done! 

4. A little fall outfit, which included layiering. Of course!

5. Above the sky on my way to Berlin. Should've been the first photo I reckon now. Oh well, cookies anyone?

6. Meeting attire is quite the challenge when's it s freaking freezing outside.... Did I do well?

7. & 8. Art by 44 Flavours on the walls of the Hotel 'The Weinmeister' in Mitte!

9.  One of those Charles Eames inspired chairs I must buy my apartment in Berlin! I don't care how uncomfy it is! 

10. Did anyone say more layers? YES, it got colder and colder in Berlin which meant more layers...

11. A glass of sparkling wine before a concert never hurt nobody! Am I right?

12. Saw Passenger play live with my Mum! Such a great gig and amazing night :)

13., 14. & 15.  Last but not least a sneaky peek into my very own Premier Suite at the design Hotel Lux Eleven, where I resided for a few days for work. More about that later though.

Happy Weekend lovelies!

Minnie x

Tuesday, 19 November 2013

Tuesday night Outings

Hello, My name is Minnie and I am bad blogger.

Okay guys I did it. Finally outet myself as a bad blogger. Please forgive me yet again for the lack of posts! I came back from Berlin where I had the best time (yes it's already a week ago), and still haven't found the time to even post the photos of my short visit, which included some special and pleasant work actually. Long story short: loads of Uni work to be done, GQ x H&M event tomorrow and then apart from more Uni work, Stylight is in town and invited me and some other lovely UK bloggers to party.

Saturday, 2 November 2013

B E R L I N Calling

I was just taking a break from writing up tons of coursework when I realized how soon I actually will be back to Berlin, in 5 days to be precise! WIN :D Even if it's only a short visit and I actually have some work to do, being able to spend a few days with my family and friends is always such a blessing. Since I am constantly so crazy busy here in London, taking a break from all things is always such a treat. And what better place to relax and chill out than Berlin?


Zara Coat  & Jumper/ H&M Pants & Sunnies/ Topshop Bag/ Primark Heels

I know I know I still haven't been blogging regularly lately but Uni is just really eating me up - LITERALLY! I am still trying my best to attend all these fun but sometimes stressful events so here are a few shots from last weeks Press Day madness. It started off with SnowPR, then I had to run to BrightLight PR press day at the Gallery Soho. In the evening I met up with lovely Emiliy from Mondayshilblog and we headed to a private sale evening of Charlie May! If you haven't heard of her, what are you doing with your life? Really?! :D I am so in love with all her pieces, but as much as I wanted to buy an awesome biker jacket (that Emily had been eyeing for a while and actually got = JEALOUS) , I had to restrain myself since I am currently saving up. I mean New York will come sooner than later (not that I'm complaining) :D

Wednesday, 16 October 2013

L is for Leather

L. A little bit of leather never hurt nobody. My personal leather agenda (can you even combine those two words together), is fed by the above and below shots of a flawless human being, that goes by the name Ryan Martel. Shot by Neil Mota for Elle Canada, the November issue,  let us all rethink our relationship status with regards to leather and make necessary adjustments - meaning go on the hunt for the portrayed leather glory!

Happy Wednesday!

Minnie x


Tuesday, 15 October 2013

Interior Inspiration

Deco... I know I have been pretty quite in terms of updating the blog but life is just so crazy busy. I hereby assure you, I am still aive and healthy ;) Back to the usual Uni life duh and finally stopped procrastinating and started writing on my dissertation which is due in less than 4 months - someone please help ME!! I apologize for my lack of content but make sure to follow me on Instagram (@minnieknows) for all peaks on what I'm up to when I'm not studying..... which is hardly ever haha And I promise to make up for it very soon, since my friend and awesome photographer Morgane moved here (to rainy London) from the sunny french ends of Biarritz (yes poor girl)! I am thrilled she's here though WIN

Long story short, I am also thinking of buying a flat with my sister sooner than later hence deco and interior inspiration are in need. I love the above I found of some blog (not sure where to be honest oops) but I adore the very clean and minimalistic color scheme and how simple it's actually decorated. Love the earth tones - the whole Woody Allen 60's movie kinda vibe reminds me so much of the the film, wait for it INTERIORS! You didn't expect that did you? 

Have a lovely week!

Minnie x

Wednesday, 2 October 2013

Lumia Live Sessions with Everything Everything

Zara Coat / JD Tee/ River Island Jeans/ Zara Boots (similar here)/ Marc B bag via Topshop

If you follow me on Twitter (@MinzKnows) or/and Instagram (@minnieknows) you will most likely know that I was invited to attend the Everything Everything gig organised by Nokia in line with their Lumia Live Sessions last night! The spectacular event took place at The Chainstore (a location I haven't been to for a gig yet so I was quite excited). A private clipper picked us up from London Bridge Pier and got us to the venue, while enjoying the exquisite view of London over the Thames!

Wednesday, 18 September 2013

Bruce Weber x David Bailey by Nokia Lumia 1020

A few days ago I was invited to an exclusive event showcasing work by two icons of the world of fashion and photography. Taking place in London and me still being in Berlin I won't make it to the event which is happening tomorrow. 
The event: The Bruce Weber x David Bailey by Nokia Lumia 1020 exhibition at the very trendy Nichols and Clark Building in Shoreditch.

Gisele Bundchen for H&M Fall 2013

H&M Fall 2013. How hawt does this beautiful brazilian stunner known as Gisele Bundchen look in the latets H&M Fall 2013 campaign? I personally am in love!!! After last appearing in the Spring/Summer campaign in 2011 she now returns and can I speak for all when I say, thank goodness she did!

Monday, 16 September 2013

LFW Day 3 Highlights

Day 3 of LFW and the madness again is almost over, not that I was physically present to experience the craziness this season.... Never mind, I'll be reporting live from the runways for you lovelies next season again. I am enjoying the time with my family and friends in Berlin. And even though London Fashion Week is THE event of the year, or events (plural) rather, I have to set priorities, especially considering my final and very hectic last year of Uni approaching! 

Enjoy the live stream! 

Minnie xox

Friday, 13 September 2013


Finally guys! It's happening - I managed to get through the freaking awful lot of photos from my trip back in July to Uganda! I took heaps of photos, so I've decided to show you the first part of my Uganda diary! Exciting no? :D Well, I had a great time spending a month in Uganda in July. What can I say: great weather, most delicious food and quality time wiht my family. Thumbs up! :)


LFW has finally kicked of with the amazing Bora Aksu show, which I am not able to watch actually since I am in the office mehhh - but you enjoy the live stream guys from wherever you are currently hanging out! :) I'll catch up on all the madness later.

Minnie xox

Thursday, 12 September 2013

LFW Teaser

LFW. Everyone is looking forward to the incredible London Fashion Week, after NYFW has been successfully overcome :D I won't be in London for it this season but I'v teamed up with Righster to live stream all on site shows, including PPQ, Sister by Sibling and my personal highlight Burberry, for you guys, so watch this space!

Before the week kicks of with the Bora Aksu  show at 9,30am tomorrow, here a little teaser to warm you lovely readers up. Enjoy!

Minnie xox

Tuesday, 10 September 2013


NYFW is almost over again! I couldn't make it this season ans missed out on so much fun but will definitely represent next year! I decided not to live stream all the shows but been waiting to see what Michael Kors had to offer this season. Enjoy the video :) 


Wednesday, 4 September 2013


    1.Sunsets in Berlin               2.Lunch w/ KARIOKA team   3. My Berlin Office              4. B&W OOTD
   5. New Just fab babies *win* 6. OOTD for cinema date   7. Goodie from Dahlia *love* 8.Wedding deco

   9. Love Prenzlauer Berg      10. Deets of my OOTD       11. Lunch w/ the team  12. OOTD w/ MYKITA

     13. Favourite Berlin area      14. Details of my OOTD :)  15. Pancake breakfast <3    16. OOTD #2344

 I am so crazy busy in Berlin, with work and hanging out with family and friends, hence blogging seems like the biggest challenge these days! So what's best while preparing the newest post (yes finally including the Uganda diary) than the usual Instaweek? Yes, there you go - hope you enjoy them! Follow me on Instagram @minnieknows for all sneak peeks on what I'm up to in Berlin.

Minnie xox

Thursday, 29 August 2013

Minnie Knows for Herz und Blut Part 2

MK x H.u.B Her is part 2 of my collaboration with lovely Jules! A completely different approach to our streetstyle series, featuring River Island maxi skirt, Vintage cropped top, H&M Blazer (similar here) and my favourite Hello Parry holographic clutch (here). This clutch is amongst my favourite - it's adds an amazing touch to all my outfits It makes the simplest outfit stand out. 

What are you thoughts on my second outfit? :) 

Right now I am still in Berlin, but returning to London soon just in time for Fashion Week madness! :D


Monday, 26 August 2013

Minnie Knows for Herz und Blut

MK x HuB. Finally, a new post! Yes, I am one of those bloggers that sometimes tends to hardly find the time to blog, yes blah blah blah - especially when I'm abroad, with my family and friends and all you know?! But here you go guys! A few weeks ago I did my second streetstyle collaboration with the amazing Jules, photographer at Herz und Blut! Remember my last article on our shoot HERE? Well, this time we got to work together again and I do not need to tell you again, that I am in love with her work :) We shot these around Jules amazing neighbourhood (which I regret moving away from to be honest *fail*). This was my first outfit of the day.

I do love a clean white shirt and boyfriend jeans a my daily bread! They are so comfy yet can be easily dressed up with some heels. Mine are from Office - needles to say that I have been basically living in them. They are just that comfortable due to the wedged heel. My blouse is from H&M (similar here), bag is my sisters (similar here) and sunnies are from Forever 21.

What are your thoughts? We also did a fun interview - check '5 Minutes with Minnie' on Herz und Blut HERE!


Thursday, 8 August 2013

MANGO: August Lookbook

MANGO. That Mango is one of my favourite high street brands, you all know too well. So no surprise that I had to show you their new lookbook (just in case you haven't seen it yet in which case - SHAME ON YOU!) Anyway, I am so in love with the new Mango lookbook for August! The classic bohemian chic with an edy twist, let's Autumn seem not too far away. I must say even though I am enjoying the heat wave (and occasional rain showers) in Berlin, I kind of look forward to chillier days that call for little dresses paired with boots as well as floral jackets and a little leather addition. The lookbook captures the next season perfectly. Black is the way forward!

Thursday, 25 July 2013


Today with me for walking around town in Kampala this cute babe of a bag and my beloved (very decent priced) sunnies from Primark! We are enjoying our last days in Uganda and have loads to do before departure next week. 
So in love with my little 
 bag from H&M, which I bought during the crazy sales in London. It's the best to take along if you don't want to carry much and has this boho chic style that can easily be mixed with white blouses and shorts. And to my sunnies I need not add a word need I? :D

Monday, 22 July 2013

Berlin Fashion Week Day 1

MBFW Berlin. Day 1 of Berlin Fashion Week happened to be super hot. You wonder why I am wearing a long coat plus black jeans? Well, smartness knows no weather they say right? Fact is, I had planned my outfit in advance for a change and I was and still am so in love with that Gina Tricot coat (actually can't wait for the weather to cool down so I can wear it again). I could not resist wearing it, especially since I only made it to 1 day of BFW this time! I left for Dubai the next day and headed further to Uganda as you will know in Youngblood me in Instagram (@minnieknows), from where I am blogging just this moment :)

Wednesday, 17 July 2013

{OOTD} Let the sun shine

Gina Tricot Jacket/ H&M Top/ Primark Pants, Bag& Sunnies/Zara Heels
{OOTD} Almost two weeks in Uganda now and I'm still loving the weather, the food and the amazing locations to shoot #ootd photos. You don't really have to search since almost every corner is worth portraying in an outfit article. Spent the day at the Sheraton Hotel yesterday!

Saturday, 13 July 2013

Greetings from Uganda

Uganda. I've been in Uganda over a week now and how much do I love being back! 7 years I have been absent. I'ts amazing to be here with the family, enjoying delicious food and soaking up the sun I had been waiting in London for, for so long! I'm currently at the pool, blogging from my iPhone (FAIL haha) - still trying to hunt down a computer I can use, as I only brought my iPad. I need to finally show you some photos! 3 more weeks to go in this beautiful country I call home.  Follow me on Instagram @minnieknows for exclusive sneak peeks :)

Until then, have a lovely summer everyone! 


Saturday, 29 June 2013


Gina Tricot Jeans Jacket/ Zara Top/ Primark Pants, Sunnies & Bag/ Fossil Watch

Here is the full outfit post! Unplanned to be honest, hence the casual-ing (as Kristina would say). I was running around Berlin very casual again. I finally had time to relax and meet up with the amazing Dogi for coffee, who also shot these lovely photos! Unfortunately it has been raining here all day, every day (including today YES). I can't wait for some sunshine to appear again, so I can shoot some more summerly outfits. Especially since Berlin Fashion Week kicks off next Tuesday. I am glad to at least make 1 day of it, as my flight leaves on Wednesday :D Stay tuned to see what I'll be wearing! :)

Happy Weekend!

Friday, 28 June 2013


Dogi and I shot some photos after our coffee date a few days ago and here is a sneak peek! I just got back from an amazing day with the family and have to quickly change for another appointment. But before I head out in about ermm NOW, I leave you with this little sneak peek. Outfit photos will be up tomorrow! 

Happy Friday xox

Tuesday, 25 June 2013

Hyde Park Afternoons

Hyde Park Afternoons. My dearest Diana, streetsyle phtotgrapher and editor of Trendbridged based in London, shot these lovely photos a while back. I finally got to share them with you guys and hope you like them! We chose the peaceful Hyde Park as it is quite the neutral location and did  well not to distract from my attempt of an almost 'all black everything' outftit.The background still gave it abit of color and made a grand contrast overall.

Berlin {OOTD} #1

BERLIN. I am back home with my lovely family and friends and I couldn't be more happier. I arrived last Thursday and it was boiling hot, yes Summer at last! Today it's raining though, but I don't mind that either - it's finally cooling down and I have some more relaxed plans on the agenda. Yesterday I had the pleasure to shoot with the talented Dogi who is a Berlin based photographer/blogger. The photos came out gorgeous didn't they? It was one of the best shoots I've had so far and literally the quickest (30 mins). We chose the iconic location in Tiergarten with the Siegessäule in the background! Honestly, I am so inlove with these photos - I was so excited to share them with you. We hope you like them just as much. 
What are your thought on my outfit? 

Monday, 24 June 2013

INSTA BITS - @minnieknows

    1. En route to Berlin, still in London  2. Arrived in the craziest heat        3. New Office babies :)

     4. Shotting some {OOTD}             5. Light dinner by Mum                6. Tea Tea Tea

     7. Shooting with my babe Dogi     8. New stuff soon up on the blog :)  9. Major chilling at home

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Thursday, 20 June 2013

London Collections: Men Day 2

Pretaportobello Coat&Hat/ Sugarandstyle Pants&Clutch/ Primark Sunnies&Heels/ New Look Necklace
LCM. A really fun few days of London Collections: Men ended with HOM x Jonathan Saunders at Victoria House, for me. I couldn't attend as many shows as I initially had planned because of work. The ones I got to see were great though, including Velsvoir x October House, Oliver Spencer, Kaushal Niraula and a few more. I also enjoyed the numerous side events, such as the Duchamp Drinks Reception and the John Lewis event, which LCM actually kicked off with. I have lots of more photos to share but before that, here is my outfit for the second day. this is the only {OOTD} shoot me and Keno actually managed to shoot as we were both so crzay busy, rushing from show to presentation, to drinks and after show parties. I had a blast and can't wait for LCM's next season. 
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