Friday, 28 September 2012

If I had a boyfriend: BLOGGER'S WARDROBE

Why the caption you ask? Well well fact is, if I had a boyfriend (yeah guys are you dissapointed ?) Bloggers Wardrobe would definitly be my little secret and this innovative, two-in-one creation of a trench would be all I would think of. Okay Let me tell you the truth, it is all I can think of! :P I am in love. Not only with this Tiger of Sweden cropped women’s leather jacket, but more importantly with BLOGGER'S WARDOBE!

BLOGGER'S WARDROBE for me is the best idea so far, that had been come up with for us Bloggers to work and build up a close relationship with brands we love. Isn't this what we all want to achieve with our Blogs? I say YES! I love blogging and sharing my outfits, inspirations and everything about fashion I love with you guys (you might have reconized it ha) Blogger's Wardrobe makes it for possible for YOUR favourite bloggers to bring close to you new amazing brands, they identify themselves with and you might like.

These are my most favourite brands that are represented on BW:  Tiger of Sweden, where the Trench/Leather jacket above is from. Not only because I love Sweden (especially the beautiful city of Stockholm)! It simply reflects the Scandinavian style perfectly, clean cuts, basic colours and I especially value their close collaboration with the best fabric mills available by which the develope their own fabric designs that create the brand’s uniqueness.  The other brand I adore is Regina Design, also swedish-based which was founded in 2003 and specialises in womens clothing. Other than Tiger of Sweden, this brand mixes different materials, colours and prints and I LOVE PRINTS (you might as well already know)! Inspired by vintage clothing and with very feminine silhouettes Regina Designs makes every woman feel special. I am not from lovely Sweden but still,  I am allowed to be a little obsessed right? :D

YES YES YES: I know you want it! To join Click here :)


Monday, 24 September 2012

LFW: Throwback Monday, yes not Thursday!

FW Throwback - After constantly reading, hearing and of course seeing all the        amazing news about Fashion Week in New York, London and Milan I just couldnt't help myself (primarily because I'm still so depressed I couldn't make it to Milan this time although I was invited and looking forward to it for ages) to post one of my favourite outfits during FW in London AW12. I had to make this depressing time somehow right. Actually, now I kind of realize it only makes me more sad browsing through my photos, because LFW was so amazing and I had the best time at Somerset House! Anyway I will do my best to attend again next year :) Until then, what do you think of my outfit for day?....ermm I actually forgot what day of LFW that was! Ha

p.s. Next up, STREETSTYLES. Why I haven't written a post about it yet you ask? No idea.

Perfection does exist

Nothing more a girl can wish for in autumn, than perfect black heeled booties! Found these up on Camillas blog Into The Fold , which is the coolest I've been stalking (yes people stalking) so far. Really need to get my hands on either of the above, or all of them! Ha I wish 

1. Topshop 2. Miista 3. Topshop 4.Tigerson Morrison 5. Sam Edelamnn 6., 7. & 8. Urban Outfitters


Saturday, 22 September 2012


What's on my wishlist at the moment! This JAYT BRACELET handmade in Los Angeles. You can find it here ! 

Friday, 21 September 2012

MinnieKnows x M.Y Glam Boutique

1st Collaboration - I have some great news! I am having my first collaboration with the jewellery boutique My Glamboutique. I have teamed up with them and will be showing you every month what outfits to pair all My Glamboutique jewellery to, starting with the Cartier love bangle above! :) I am so excited. I love their pieces, they are all so delicate and pretty. And as you know I love jewellery  haha:) This is the collaboration for me to be honest and hope your will like my combinations. Visit the boutique online HERE and also like their Facebook page HERE for more updates and current offers!


Wednesday, 19 September 2012

Monday, 17 September 2012

OOTD - Autumn Approaching

OOTD - Many of you lovely readers have requested an outfit with my oh so chic, new red jumper! Here you go guys! As it is getting cooler and Autumn is arriving, I paired it with a Mixi skirt and had to wear stockings! I put on my all time favourite heels (who accompany me to every Fashion week hehe), some accessories and a blue maxi clutch as a compliment to my heels. Love to read your thoughts on this outfit! :)

Sunday, 16 September 2012


What I bought:

H&M Jumper
Bershka Leather Jacket
Zara Knit
Zara Shorts


Friday, 14 September 2012

A little treat: FOSSIL WATCH

FOSSIL -  I am absolutely in love with my new Fossil watch! It's the perfect combination of a very feminin and yet not to girlie watch I was looking for, for ages! I first wanted to go for a Michael Kors but I couldn't find the rose Gold one I wanted anywhere - the Fossil suits my taste perfectly too though! So, no Celine Audrey sunnies yet and Michael Kors will be the next one I am getting myself  (with lots of other stuff of course haha) :D Amazing isn't it? :)

FOSSIL - Ich bin hin und weg von meiner neuen Fossil Uhr! Es die perfekte Kombination einer sehr weiblichen aber doch recht markanten und nicht zu mädchenhaften Uhr. Ich habe so lange nach so einer gesucht, wollte zuerst aber eine von Michael Kors haben. Leider habe ich die Rose goldfarbene nirgends finden können -  aber ich bin nicht traurig denn die Fossil passt perfekt zu  mir! Also noch keine Celine Audrey Sonnenbrille und meine Michael Kors Uhr steht als nächstes auf der Liste (und ein haufen einer Teile versteht sich haha) :D Ist sie nicht einfach traumhaft? :)


Thursday, 13 September 2012


NYFW - It was that time of the year again! After Vogue Fashion's Night Out we all were excited about Fashion Week. The ultimate of course in New York, had to be looked upon closely to get the new trends and see the worlds best designers collections. I did not make it this time but still want to share with you (thanks to my fellow bloggers and my 3 favourite designers and their SS13 collections! 


Tuesday, 11 September 2012

Decisions Decisions...

CELINE - YES PLEASE! I can't tell you how long I have been obessesing about the Celine Audrey 
Sunnies first seen on Carolina from! Now I caved and want to buy it for a pretty decent 
price, I think? Ha  Please.......I need your help. What do you think, should I get then? And if yes in the leo 
print look above or in black? :) 

p.s I am also thinking of purchasing a Michael Kors watch! If you have any good to recommend please feel 
free to do so! :)


Monday, 10 September 2012

Saturday, 8 September 2012

Outfit - Wedding #2

OOTD - After my best friends wedding, I had to go to another wedding last week. This was my outfit. Actually it was the one I intended to wear. In the end I opted for other Heels, also from Zara (HERE) and a smaller black clutch. Still loved this outfit though. Maybe I will wear it with these accessories next time! What do you think? 

OOTD - Nachdem ich diesen Monat auf der Hochzeit meiner besten Freundin war, musste ich die Woche darauf noch auf eine andere Hochzeit. Dieses war das Outfit das ich mir dafür rausgesucht hatte. Am ende habe ich jedoch andere Heels angezogen, auch von Zara (HERE). Außerdem habe ich dazu auch eine andere Clutch kombiniert, kleiner und schwarz. Trotzdem mag ich die Kombi dieses Outfits, wird vielleicht etwas für einen anderen Anlass! Wie findet ihr das Outfit? 

What I Was Wearing:

Primark Lace Blouse
New Yorker Pencil Skirt
ZARA Heels
H&M Clutch 
Sekonda Watch
Yves Saint Laurent Arty Style Ring 

Friday, 7 September 2012

VOGUE Fashion's Night Out Berlin

VFNO Berlin - Last night me and a couple of friends joined the worlwide celebration of fashion. Lots of stores had to be visited. We had a fun night, full of fashion,  music, yummy drinks and believe it or not lots of chocolate :) Where did you guys attend? London? Paris? Milan or New York? I hope you all had a great time too!

Wednesday, 5 September 2012

VOGUE Fashion's Night Out

VFNO - It's that time of the year again! Vogue Fashion's Night Out is taking place worldwide. This year 19 countries will participate. I thought I would be back in London by now so I could could attend there, but I am still in Berlin. So tomorrow its time for shopping shopping and shopping! It won't be less fun though and I guess I see you there? ;)

VFNO - Es ist wieder soweit! Morgen findet die Vogue Fashion's Night Out in Berlin statt und weltweit diesen Monat. 19 Länder nehmen dieses Jahr daran teil. Ich dachte ich wäre bis dahin schon wieder in London, aber ich bin noch in Berlin. Es wird trotzdem sehr viel Spaß machen und ich schätze ich sehe euch dort? ;)

Tuesday, 4 September 2012


I kept telling you that I came to Berlin for a whole month this time and for a special purpose. This was an amzing internship I got to experience with the jewellery label LIAMEO, based in Kreuzberg a very cool area of Berlin. I had applied when I was still in London, just because I did not want to spend my holidays doing nothing and after a quite challenging interview on the phone (YES I KNOW -.-) and in person, I got the internship wohooo - how happy I was to get to work with and for such a cool label. I was looking forward to a month full of challenges, new adventures in the fashion industry and mostly to the opportunity of being able to blog for a professional Fashion Label. Now, after my last day last Friday, I can say I had the best month in Berlin this year and I thank the whole team for making my internship an unforgettable time for me :) I was very busy researching current trends, going to events and writing loads of articles. Sadly I did not have time to shoot outfits or blog as I normally do. Therefore I would like to share some Instagram snaps (always manage to get them though :D) with you. I hope you like them! Visit the Liameo blog HERE to read my articles of the past month! For more snap shots of the last month visit and follow me on INSTAGRAM: @minnieknows  
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